Sunday, January 6, 2013

Last day at Port Charlotte...

Time flies, that is for sure, and we have completed out two week stay here in Port Charlotte... it has been a blast to say the least and we finished it off tonight with a great Beer Can BBQ...

It was really warm here today, hitting 75 Deg. F. in the shade! We stayed close and used the pool all day, taking life easy...

Looks like I am jumping through the roof above, but it turned into a big cannon ball as I tried to get everyone wet!

Spent part of the day today, preparing for our trip back to Winter Haven tomorrow, including loading the motorcycles and bicycles back into the trailer, and putting the kayaks away till the next adventure.



They settled the NHL Hockey lock out, and will drop the puck on or around Jan. 15th. About time.

Many fans probably don't give a hoot anymore, and many people are upset about this lockout, and may not watch hockey or go to a game again.


Here is what I say about that! I have a very short memory, and a bunch of forgiveness in my heart, so drop the puck again fellows, and lets get on with it! I have been a big Leaf Fan, and will have my TV warmed up for when the games begin again soon! Can't get enough of it, and looking forward to even a shortened season!

Yes, it seems like a bunch of cry babies arguing over Billions of Dollars, and it has turned into nothing but a big dollar business... but it is still entertaining, and lots of people earn their living off the NHL.

Seems you might be in need of a Gwenny fix, so I took a couple pictures of her off a couple recent skype calls. She is doing great, and is walking around now like a pro.


She is looking a bit serious above, and just ignore that little box with the typing in it... iPad mistake! (OK, operater error...)

She is always pointing out the best spots in all her books to us... she loves books and is reading them all the time with her Mom and Dad, both in English, and now some in French. Kristina is bilingual so I am sure Gwenny will be as well!

Till tomorrow...




  1. Gwenny is sure cute and that chicken looks delicious.

  2. Great to see a few pics of Gwenny again. Good to see how much she loves books too.

    You're going to miss that pool for sure.

  3. Back home and enjoy some more warm Florida weather. It is great Gwenny will be bilingual.

  4. That rental home was a nice break from the RV, no doubt. Soon you will be back to your reality in the RV....which is pretty darned good too!

    Great shots of Gwenny. She is growing! It's nice to follow along her journey too.