Friday, January 18, 2013

Wax on... Wax off...

We hit a high of only 65 deg. F. today... which is one of the cooler days we had to endure here in Florida... didn't slow me down though... carried right on with the waxing of the rig.

Yesterday I got the Jeep all waxed up, along with our rear slide.

Today with the cooler weather, I had much more stamina to finish waxing most of the RV. They only part not finished was the very rear of the rig, and that will be another day.

Judy was hard at the TV this morning, while I was waxing, getting in her exercise for the day on Wii Fit. It is a great way to get a good workout, and keep the body moving, expecially when it is a bit cooler or lousy outside.

Later on in February, Deb and Gerard are going to fly down to visit us for a bit, and tomorrow, Judy and I are going to take a drive over to Lakeland, and pick up a couple tickets to watch the Toronto Blue Jays, take on the Detroit Tigers in Grapefruit League Play. A lot of the MLB Teams do their spring training camps down here in Florida, so might as well enjoy it!


So, February will certainly look like a sports type of month, with watching the Leaf's and the Jays play here in Florida! Can life get any better???



Above are a couple pictures of Joker Marchant Field where the Detroit Tigers conduct their spring training. Right here in Winter Haven, the Cleavland Indians hold their spring training, might have to take in a game here!

Well, looks like our nice warm Florida weather is on the way back! Bring it on!

Till tomorrow...



  1. You are going to have a long drive to see the Indians. They practice in Goodyear, AZ now. The bluejays are going to be the team to watch, lots of upgrades on that team.

  2. waxing can be a form of therapy! looking good!! enjoy the baseball games and the hockey too!

  3. The energy expended on waxing your RV would equate a good hike. The RV gets to look good....and you do too.

  4. Just love waxing our rig, bits at a time until its all done then start over again. But keeps it looking good.

  5. I've been after Al to get our Wii hooked up. Thanks for the reminder..I guess I will need to do a little nagging. :)

  6. The Cleveland Indians have spring training in Goodyear, AZ. We were there last year. Had a great time. I love baseball!

  7. Waxing our rig is on my list of jobs to start. I've been putting it off.

    Hope the Blue Jays have a good year, it looks like they might.