Thursday, January 3, 2013

Flipper to the rescue!

What an incredible day it was weather wise today! clouds...75+ degrees!

We were looking for something to do today...Judy came up with the great idea of going out kayaking! Why not!

We came up with a place called Grande Tours, on Placida Beach, just 5 miles from here! Perfect! They allowed Judy and I to launch our Sea Eagle Kayaks from their location for a $6.00 launch fee, as Tom and Cheryl rented 2 kayaks to go out touring on... we picked the perfect day!

There go Tom and Cheryl, trying out their new rides...


They trusted me with the map... (MISTAKE!!!), which way is north again???

These guys were helping me out with directions, as we moved through the inland waterways!

My hair was blowing behind me, as we roared past Pelican Island! It was crowded on the island today!

Before you know it, I lost our way on the map and we found ourselves somehow inside this mangrove tree swamp! How the heck did we do this???

Judy was starting to panic as we were lost, and likely never to be found again! Snakes were in the water!!!!

Tom simply gave up with the paddle, waiting for the python to come and get him to end it all!

But WAIT!!!! Our fearless leader Cheryl spots something out there...

YES....YES.... it is Flipper and his friend coming to our rescue! Surely they will lead us back to civilization!

I got so excited that Flipper came to our rescue... I wanted to take his picture with Tom... but my hands were shaking on the old Kodak!

Flipper and his buddy got so excited that they saved us, they started swimming away is these crazy circles... check out the water in this video! I have NEVER seen a dolphin swim this fast!

So in the end... we sailed off into the sunset with Flipper! What an adventure! We had a blast! Thanks for saving us Flipper! We may come back and get lost again!

We got back to our Florida Home, and of course after a hard day at work getting lost, we knew it was time to go for a swim!


Wow... took a big bite out of life today! Will there be any left for tomorrow???

Till tomorrow...



  1. Great to see you are having a good time with warm weather....-13 here for 2 days and snow.
    NOT ABLE TO MAKE IT DOWN......Dr. changed my drugs so no insurance....


  2. Happy New Year....what a great day you had...

  3. what a great day you all had! nice capture of the dolphins!!

  4. We are new followers and also love kayaking. Sure looks like you had a great day out on the water today. We are further north near Sarasota and woke up to heavy fog which later turned to rain.

    --Pam and Vic of The Big EZ

  5. Getting lost in that Mangrove Swamp looked pretty scary. Sure wouldn't want to capsize in that place with snakes and alligators lurking.

    Great clip of the dolphin!