Sunday, January 13, 2013

Florida..."I'm loving it..."

Seems like Florida is getting the best of the Winter weather this year, as all the comments and reports I get indicate a cooler year out in the south west! Winter Haven today was over 85 deg. F and sunny again... just like the broken record. Checking the iPad today, I noted the whole of next week is a repeat of today! Judy and I attended a local Church Service this morning, and all the "locals" tell us it is about 10 degrees above normal for this time of year, and very seldom they have to turn on the AC in the Church, but they did today!

This afternoon we wanted to get out to get some exercise, even though it was warm. We decided to load the bikes on the Jeep, and go for a bicycle ride out at Circle B Ranch. We have been here a few times, and have blogged about it in the past, but we keep going back... one of the reasons is that there is lots of shade, so we can get some relief from the hot Florida Sun.


As usual, lots of Egrets out at Circle B...

It is nice and cool biking in the Spanish Moss forest... love this area.

By far, our favourite trail is alligator alley, pictured above... it is nice and shady, and yes, the gators were out and about today.

We got lost on the trail, but quickly threw up the "bat signal" above, and made our way out!

We were surprised to see the turtle above, as they are a favourite snack of the gators around here...

Some how this blue heron above was hanging out with the egrets...

Judy was just a flying down the "Lost Bridge Trail"...

Check out the damage to Judy's bike above... she got all tangled up with some Spanish Moss in her brakes... no fingers were lost removing it!

Only six more sleeps till they drop the puck!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice bike tour.

    I wonder where your former Maple Leafs GM, Brian Burke, will end up?

  2. How is the humidity at those temperatures?

  3. What beautiful photos you have today.
    Enjoy that warm weather. Again here in Texas, the cool, damp, windy weather is back. Just crazy!

  4. great tour today! so glad you are enjoying the sunshine!!

  5. whats not to love right? looks like a great day touring on the bikes..

  6. So nice to get out and about, enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

  7. Great pics of your bike tour. I think I'd be pedaling full speed through that alligator alley.