Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"...and the winner is..."

This year, for the most unique Motorhome in our Park, I give the prize to this 1976 GMC Motorhome!

What a machine! I think they are unique, due to the dual real wheels and front wheel drive! If you search on youtube, you can actually see a guy doing a burnout of all things with one of these units, just a smoking the front tires!

Over the past few years that we have been travelling, every now and then we run into one of these Motorhomes. Judy's brother Bob, and Wife Kate, up near Gravenhurst have one of these... but it needs some work before it could hit the road.

I had the chance to tour this Motorhome today, and meet the Gentleman who owns it. He is from Kingsport, Tennessee, about 5 miles away from where our Son, Shawn and his Family lived. This unit is simply in excellent condition inside and out! I asked him if he just had the unit painted, and he said "well, I did, 25 years ago!" He has turned the odometer over 3 times on this unit, giving it more than 300,000 miles! He has made it a life long project. The interior is like new!

GMC made these unit from 1973 to 1978 in Pontiac, Michigan, and turned out 13,000 units in total. It is estimated today, that 7,000 of these are still on the road! There are National Clubs and Rally's for them! I think, it may be a bit of a "cult"...not sure!

I found this on the internet, and it shows some of the interiors that were offered... they came in 23 and 26 feet in length. They have all the creature comforts of course, like a fridge, stove, furnace, hot water. Sure was great to see on in good condition, and still on the road! Oh... in case you are wondering, they came with an Eldorado V8 Engine, with front wheel drive! Biggest complaint the owner gave me today, was the transmission... only 3 speeds available... he wishes there were 4 or 5 speeds. Nice way to spend the morning getting to know new people!

It was a clean up type of day... Judy doing inside cleaning, and laundry, while I washed and cleaned up the Jeep, and then worked on black streak removal on the motorhome. Hate to remind everyone, but again it was simply a beautiful hot day... over 85 deg. F. again! Starting to get used to it!

It was not a day of all work, there has to be some fun, so while Judy was off shopping with a neighbour today, I jumped on my Honda and toured around the Lake Wales area... great day for a ride!


Sure enjoy having my Honda with us down here this year, getting a few miles racked up!

Tomorrow, looks like Judy and I will head back to Tampa, to take in the largest RV Show in the U.S.A. if you can believe it! Maybe we will buy a couple new coaches!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Maybe you will run into Rick and Kathy at the RV show in Tampa. They are also heading there. Have fun but keep your cheque book safely at home!!
    Unless of course we win the Power Ball this week......yeah right :)

  2. That is a way cool motor home. I bet you enjoyed your tour.

  3. Buy a couple of new rigs...keep the economy going strong! Have fun.

  4. Just love those GMC motorhomes have seen a few groups of them in the desert at Quartzsite over the years.
    Gotta love your great weather, still overcast and a bit cooler here on the Mississippi Gulf shores.

  5. Interesting old rig - it sure has lasted through the years so that speaks for itself.

    Have fun at the big RV show.