Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Exercise day!

Well, not so much for me exercising, as it was time to exercise the Motorhome. We have been parked here in Florida since early November and the RV has just not moved a lot. So it takes quite a bit of work to pack everything up, and get the wheels ready to roll. I took a nice drive down by the Lake Wales area, and then headed back home to get set up again. Took a minute to grab 10 gallons of propane while I was out, that is all that we have used since we got here! That is how warm it has been here!

Seems Ontario is going through a real cold snap... it was -34 deg. C. up in our old home Town of Sudbury, and is about the same temperature in Ottawa... yikes... wait, that is where we fly to on Friday!

Even Gwenny was taken back by the cold weather in Woodstock, but she was ready for it!

While I was out exercising the RV, Judy went bowling with Carol at a local bowling alley.

Judy said there was over 50 lanes at this location, and it was full this afternoon.


Of course bowling is all computerized now, and lots of graphics on the screen. They had a blast!

Tonight Judy and I attended a Pot Luck Dinner in our Park. Yum!

Got a call from Judy's Brother, Howard today. Him and Terri are heading down to the Gulf Coast tomorrow... good timing to get away from bad weather... we will run into them next week when we return to Winter Haven.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sounds lika perfectly good day to me :-)
    Have fun & stay warm

  2. Gwenny sure is bundled up..must be really cold.

  3. We've been following the Temperatures back home. Combine that with the snow they will be getting over the next few days and we are glad we're here in Florida. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Good to get your coach out for a spin, keep it limbered up. yes we are watching the weather back home too, glad we are here.

  5. The cold up north is really going to hit you like a ton of bricks.

    Smiles from Gwenny will warm you up pretty quick though.

  6. No change of heart about flying north? Well, a NO is understandable when your grandchildren are such a magnet.