Monday, January 28, 2013

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...

Wow... the trip continues... This mornings wake up call was at 5:30 as we had to be at the Via Train Station in time for the 7:30 departure to Toronto from Ottawa.


This is an awesome Terminial, new and big and fancy inside. Shawn dropped us off around 7:00 this morning, in order for him to hit his 7:30 start at CHEO. (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario)


Our Via Train System here, runs from Quebec City right down to Windsor, Ontario! I was surprised this morning, as our Train Car was full. We had reserved seats...good thing!

Lots of room, comfortable seats, food and drink service at your seat, no noise, and a very smooth ride. What is not to like about riding the train! We left on time at 7:30, and pulled into Woodstock at 2:00 p.m. right on time. It was not a nice day here, with freezing rain, fog, and snow falling! It would have taken a lot longer to drive in a car, as the road conditions were not good.

Of course I had the iPad with me, and you can see the screen shot off one of my GPS Apps above. Check out the train speed in MPH! Yes, 75 miles per hour, and we actually hit up to 80 MPH for certain sections of the trip! They don't horse around at Via!

We blew by the Town of Paris on the way... I love to motorcycle here in the summer time... but not today!

Above we are only meters from the cold looking shore line of Lake Ontario! No one swimming today!


Of course we had an excellent welcoming committe again once we departed the train!


Kristina and Gwenny were right there to pick us up! Good to see them again... it seems Gwenny was taken aback from the fact that Granny and Pop Pop just walked of this big train that pulled into the station! She was quick to warm up though!

Bye bye train, automobiles and Planes are next!

We had to make a quick stop at the local Walmart, so Judy took the opportunity to pick up a few new toys for Gwenny! She is right into playing with any type of car right now.

Of course we had to get all her books out and read through them with her... I am on the phone trying to get ahold of RBC Visa Center, as my card was declined at Walmart! OH NO!!!!! Turns out all of Canada was having trouble with Visa today... hope it gets fixed soon. All the major Banks were also included in the problems! Glad I am retired now... I used to hate days like this when I worked at the Bank!

Kristina knows how to butter up Dad... all she has to do is cook up a big ole pot of Mac and Cheese! It was fantastic... Gwenny loves it as well.

Just a follow up from yesterday... Shawn, Emmie and I picked up tickets to go and see Ottawa Sens play against Pittsburgh. It was a great game, that Pittsburgh won in a shoot out!

Scotiabank Place is a great place to watch a bad seats!

One of the highlights for Emmie was that she was able to get her picture taken with Sparty, the Ottawa Mascot! She made sure she had her Ottawa Senator's Hockey Shirt on before the game! Garry and Shelly got her the shirt a while back, and it was the first game for it, so it is now "Game Worn"!

After our quick visit in Woodstock, we will be boarding our flight tomorrow afternoon to head back to the land of sun and fun! Winter Haven, here we come!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Well, you two are sure having a whirlwind of a visit. Gwenny is as adorable as ever!

  2. That is one great winter trip you guys are taking. The train ride - anytime - is fun way to travel.

    It won't be long now and you will once again be basking in the sun and warmth of Florida.

  3. Sounds like a fun quick trip home, similar to ours in December.

  4. That train ride looked like fun especially with your iPad app.

    Gwenny looks as cute as ever and I'm sure was thrilled to see you both.

  5. You will have to get back to Winter Haven for a rest. Hope your flight tomorrow goes without a hitch this time. Nice you had a visit with the kids and grands. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

  6. I'm new to your blog. We're full time RVers with a home base in Quebec City. That train ride sounds like a great way to travel.