Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yes, we made it back!

Now that was 5 days with a whole bunch of travel! Wow... Between Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, I don't know how many miles or klicks we did, but it was a lot!

Kristina and Gwenny gave Judy and I a ride out to the London Airport yesterday in the afternoon, to catch our flight to Chicago. Problem was... a whole bunch of rain, and fog! When we arrived at the airport I didn't think we were going anywhere! By flight time, things maybe improved a little bit... however, the pilots decided it was time to fly, and you don't really have much of a say in it! We flew with United Airlines and they did a great job!


Goodbye Gwenny!

This was our plane out of London, and you can see the fog behind it. Well, we took off, and the pilot did know what he was doing, as we made our way to Chicago without any problems...just couldn't see nothing! Problem was, Chicago would not let us land as they were having thunder storms... why not! After we flew around a bit, they said, "come on in"! We were late landing, and past our time for the flight to Orlando, so were starting to think about hotels again. Well, seems with all the weather, they also delayed our flight to Orlando, so we were able to make it at 8:15 p.m. and landed about 12:10 p.m. in Orlando, to a nice 72 deg. F. and clear skies! Right on! Didn't take long to fall asleep last night!

As you can guess we did not do a whole lot this morning first thing... just took it easy. After lunch, I found the energy to jump in the Jeep with Judy and we headed over to Snowbird Extravaganza in Lakeland!

This is a "Free" Convention, held annually in Lakeland, about a 1/2 hour drive for us. The Center is a World Class Facility. There is a bunch of displays all meant for Snowbirds, and lots of entertainment...

My buddy Mickey Mouse was there... oh, ya, it was nice today so I wore my shorts! 80 Deg. F.

Above is one of the halls for the entertainment, and as you can see, a few people showed up!

The Center has a full hockey arena, with lots of entertainment in it, and lots of Snowbirds!

Had to include this Sea World VW...(aka punch buggy) for the enjoyment of Tom and Cheryl...(private joke)

The Youkey Theatre is also located inside the Center, and holds many concerts a year.

One of the headline acts that we got to enjoy this afternoon, was John McDermott. John is living in Ontario and is a fantastic Scotish Singer. He is also famous for the fantastic job he does of singing the National Anthems at the Toronto Maple Leafs Games.


Judy took this picturer of John's performance this afternoon... he received a standing ovation from about 2,000 people in the theatre.

Another great Canadian performer today was Michelle Wright of Country and Western Fame from Canada! She put on an amazing show, and made sure the audience knew she was Canadian! Great to see such Canadian talent down here in Florida... a touch of home!

We spent the entire afternoon at the show enjoying it all, and then headed for the hills!

Back a while ago, I posted a youtube video of little Gwenny coming down the slide at home... she needed a bit of help at the time... not any more! Check it out!


Gwenny is just doing fantastic and it was a blast to be able to visit her, along with Mom and Dad!

Busy day, but we enjoyed it!

Big welcome to Denis and Sandy, our latest Blog Followers at RVlifeonwheels!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice photo of Gwenny with you two. Cute! And what a whirlwind trip that was!

    The Orca Bug was cool looking. That could be a nice 'toad' behind your rig.

    Canadian entertainment is just the icing on the holiday cake.

  2. Great video of Gwenny - she sure is moving around well and zipping down that slide pretty fast.

    Sure didn't take you guys long to get in the swing of things down there in Florida. Good going!

  3. Nice that you got back to warmer weather and made your connecting flight in Chicago.
    Denis and Sandy are a supper couple we met a few years ago and keep running into on the road, they are on a circle tour of North America.

  4. Love the punch buggy!! You win John.

    Glad you guys made it back safely and are enjoying the great Florida weather. It has rained here for the past couple of days and now it is snowing again just to make like interesting. The shorts are all back in storage.