Monday, January 14, 2013

"He Shoots... He Scores!"

It certainly feels like we have "scored" with the weather in Florida this year... I was speaking with Graydon, our Financial Planner today in Barrie, Ontario today, and he said he was simply going to follow us around when he retires, as we seem to luck out with great weather! Although it has been cool out in the South West, it certainly looks like it is ready to warm up!

As you are no doubt all aware, yesterday was the first day of Training Camps for the NHL Teams who are getting ready to start the new season!

So, that made today, the first day that tickets are available for sale to the public! They NHL released the shortened schedule for all the teams yesterday, and I was very quick to pick up on the magic date of Feb. 19, 2013, as the date the Toronto Maple Leafs will play in The Tampa Bay Times Forum against the Lightning.

I tried this morning, after 9:00 a.m. to buy tickets on Ticketmaster, the Company that does the online sales.... how frustrating! Due to the fact I am a Canadian, they will only mail the tickets to the billing address of our Visa Card, which of course is up in Ontario! HELLO.... I'm in FLORIDA! They were not allowed for whatever reason to sell them to me on the phone! Go figure. No problem...

Judy comes along and simply says... "hey, it's a nice day, lets drive over to Tampa and buy the tickets at the Arena! " Perfect! After all, it's 85 deg. F. out there!

It is a nice 85 klms. drive over to Tampa... just a little over an hour drive.


Success! In no time we scored a couple tickets for the Leaf Game! We are only 7 rows up from the ice... we should be able to talk to the players! The tickets are only $68.00 here... of course in Toronto that would be the downpayment on the tickets, and you would have had to sign for the 20 year first mortgage on your first born child to obtain the ticket!

We were also able to buy a $12.00 parking ticket, and drive right underneath the arena and park! The Jeep will be happy there!

I did not recognise the brass statute of the suit holding the hockey stick above, and they did not have any identification on it... probably the founder of the club.

Above is the neat piece of art in front of the arena... a lightning bolt of course!

Anyways... turned out to be an awesome day for a bike ride, and we scored a couple Leaf tickets... now I have to wash up my Leaf Jersey!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Glad you got Lightning...err Maple Leaf tickets. Al thinks the statue is Phil Esposito. He was instrumental in bringing hockey to Tampa.

  2. Well done on the tickets! Enjoy the game! Yes we have certainly lucked out with the weather. So glad we did not make the trek out west. I would be steaming right now if we were freezing in SoCal!

  3. We are not hockey fans, but can appreciate the fact that you got great seats and a super price.

  4. Where are you going next winter? We want to be sure to follow you and the nice weather! We've had about 5 nice days in the Texas RGV...ugh!

  5. Thats great you got the tickets for an affordable price too. Enjoy the game. Enjoy the weather, not too bad here is MIssissippi, certainly better than Arizona, and its just a fluke that we did no go west this year.

  6. John - please come back to Desert Hot Springs. You are a hot weather magnet!

    You're right about those $68 tickets. In Vancouver for Canuck games that would get you a beer and a hotdog!

  7. John, the NHL appreciates the consummate hockey followers you guys are. My interest in hockey has waned these past few years. I'm tired of the BS the league and players continue to perpetrate. Imagine that I was a Hockey Night in Canada - on CBC - TV Director and ISO Director at one point, early in my career. I may - just may - get interested should the Vancouver Canucks make it to the playoffs. Two of my very good friends - who held prime seats to the Canucks games for so many years - have long given them up for other social and sporting interests. They pretty well share the same reasons as I for moving on to other interests.

    I know you will enjoy your outing....and The Leafs need fans like you two.

  8. Nice talking to you guys the other night Glad you are still enjoying the great weather. Still mild here and after a couple rainy nights the snow is gone. Hope this lasts!
    And good to see you are back to your old!! Happy for you Mr. Maple Leaf #1 Fan!!