Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spirit of the Buffalo Pow Wow...

Whew... 85 deg. F. plus today here, and nothing but sunshine. No shortage of Vitamin D here, that is for sure! Love the Florida weather!

Judy found an excellent adventure for us this morning... the Spirt of the Buffalo Pow Wow is going on up in Auburndale, Florida, just a short 30 minute drive north of us. What a great day we had.

They had lots going on at the Pow Wow... above is a demonstration of how they cooked up fresh game! There was something for everyone here...


Above they had a big show in the main tent, on the East Indians vs. the West Indians of America. They explained the differences, and showed you first hand how they lived day to day.


We really enjoyed this demonstration on Wolves above. This Man and his partner, raised about a dozen wolves and travel around with them. Yes, that big fence is there for a reason... these are wild animals...

It was fun to watch how they have trained these wolves, yet you can tell they are very wild!

We moved on to the main Pow Wow Circle, where all the action was going on, with song and dance... it was really colourful.

They made sure to honour all the War Vets in a separate ceremony. It was right about here that I was taking pictures with my smart phone that somehow I pocket called Kristina back in Woodstock, Ontario! All she could hear, was the sounds of the Pow Wow... hate it when I do that!

There was a very large crowd, and you can tell it was a perfect day for the activities!

They also had a great Bird of Prey demonstration. This lady above was handling this Harris Hawk, and a Falcon, and they were fantastic to watch, as the birds followed her commands! They would grab a bait on a string, right out of the air... fun to watch.

These baby gators had nothing to do with the Pow Wow, but we passed by them in the market place as we left to go home...keep your fingers out!

We had heard of a Water Ski Show, at one of the local lakes, put on by the kids at the Church we attend, but apparently we arrived a week early, but got to watch them practice for next week! It was fun to watch, and great just to be outside!

Above you can see 3 young kids out practicing... they were good! Below I am going to post three short videos that I took with the iPad. The last one, you get to see two gals do a pyramid on their partners.


Wow... what a great Florida day... We did have time to curse Tom and Cheryl on Skype tonight, for quickly turning us in DQ junkies.... we HAD to stop at the local DQ on the way home and enjoy 2 for 1 banana splits! Thanks you guys!


Till tomorrow...



  1. That pow wow looks like a very enjoyable experience. Lots to see, for sure.

    Loved the videos of the water skiers but have to admit to a fit of jealousy. It got up to 34F here today and that's too cold!!

  2. How much more could you two fit into one day.

    Send some of that nice weather west. We have had two wonderful days but the rain is now back...yuck!

  3. Another fun busy day enjoying the great weather, sounds like too much fun.

  4. You sure like to rub it in with those 85F temps! Can't wait until the weather gods fill up their propane tanks so we can get some of your hot weather.

    Banana Split? Haven't had one of those in years but now I won't rest until I do have one.