Sunday, January 20, 2013

Well, you can't be busy all the time you know...

Beautiful day in the mid 70's here today, not a lot of sun, but it was warm!

We did the square root of NADA today, really, other than a quick trip over to Walmart for some supplies. This afternoon, I sat outside with our neighbour Tom, and we watched the SF Giants take on the Atlanta Falcons, with SF winning, and heading for the Super Bowl in a couple weeks.


Had a talk with our son, Shawn, and Grandaughter Paige this afternoon, making final preparations for our up coming trip to Ottawa... Judy and I fly out this Friday from Orlando. Looking forward to seeing everyone up in Ottawa!

Many thanks to Jan, who identified the flowers in yesterday's blog, and the Cape Honeysuckle! They were real nice.

Also, Bob set the record straight from a couple nights ago, when he informed me that the Cleavland Indians no longer do their spring training here in Winter Haven, and in fact have moved out to Az. I was thrown off a bit, by the fact that they still had signs up at the local ball field. Won't be going to Az. to watch them this year!

Well, with all the house keeping now completed... time to chill!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We're watching the Patriots/Ravens game. But we went to the Desert Bar today for our excitement. Lots of sun and in the 70's today.

  2. Some days you just need to kick back and chill.

    Strange that the Cleveland Indians sign is still up. They have been in Goodyear for several years.

  3. Some fun football games today for sure. Nice way to take it easy.

  4. Enjoying football as well, very fun to watch!

  5. Sometimes it's good to have a day just like that, doing NADA.

  6. We are retired now and on the road seven years you get to take it easy and chill out. Do what you want when you want. Don't feel guilty!

  7. Yea! The 49ers won! What a clutch game too.

    The square root of nothing sounds quite nice, really!