Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oooopppsss.... I might have spoke too soon!

The high for today was 76 deg. F. which is great, but it happened real early this morning, and then the clouds came in and the cooling began... by late this afternoon, it was down to 60 deg. F. Now some of you might not think that is all that bad, but after having 85 deg. + for the past week, it was a bit of a shock on our systems...

We did not have a bunch planned for the day, as Judy had offered to take care of Bailey today. Who is Bailey you ask???

Bailey is a little Yorkie that belongs to Wayne and Carol, our neighbours from Nova Scotia. They wanted to go to the RV Show today, (the one in Tampa, not Toronto...) so Judy was the dog sitter for the day. He seemed really happy sitting beside Judy in his own lawn chair... Your right, Patra was't too amused with Bailey sitting out on the patio!


As it cooled down this afternoon, Judy found a blanket to keep Bailey warm, as we did not want to send him home with a cold this afternoon!

While Judy was sitting Bailey, I was heavy into wax on...wax off mode this morning. Did the entire Jeep and about 25% of the Motor Home. Great day for waxing, as you cannot do it here when the sun is out, so with the overcast skies, it was time to fly!

Don't worry though folks, our warm weather is coming back soon, just to keep the oranges growing!

Found a couple great pics of Gwenny to fill your fix... Kristina posted them on her blog...

They took Gwenny shopping the other day, and allowed her to pick out one toy. She choose the little car above you see, and was thrilled when she got home, as Kristina showed her it was compatible with the car ramp toy that Santa had left!


Wouldn't it be great to wake up to this "Happy Face" every morning? That's our Gwenny...

This is what happened when Kristina told her they had to go out in the "snow"! Poor Gwenny! I think she is saying "Really Mom, you gotta be kidding..."

Till tomorrow...



  1. Yep a good day for waxing I hope your good weather comes back , our will be here soon too!

  2. What a cute picture of Gwenny all bundled up

  3. snow or sunshine, Gwenny is a blogging treat!!

  4. Great pics of Gwenny, she gets cuter every day.

    Bailey may want to come back again after being treated so well by Judy.

    I'd like to say I'm sorry for your day of only 60F but.......

  5. Oh goodness, her snow picture is too cute!