Monday, January 21, 2013

Time to get some work done!

After a couple cooler days last week, we were back to our nice warm temperatures again today, however the sun was missing. Here in Florida though, you don't need sun to get warm temperatures! Kinda nice!


This morning Judy was out the door with Carol, our neighbour from good old Nova Scotia, and off to the Line Dancing Lessons down in our Rec Hall. Good thing I had a bunch of work to do around the RV, or I might have had to find my Cowboy Hat!

I had a small spot on the side of the roof of our RV that required a bit of attention. The roof on our RV is a one piece fibre glass roof, not a rubber roof that most RV's have. We had a small surface crack at the back corner, and someone, in a previous life, had done a small repair to it. The cracked looked like it opened up a bit, so I decided today to use some silicone caulk and fill the crack and paint over it.

I then decided to paint over the crack with a gloss white Acrylic Latex Enamel Paint, however when I did that, you will see the contrast above to the colour of our existing roof... so

lets carry on and paint down the sides of the roof on both sides of the RV, to make the whole thing look a lot better. I decided to wait and see how the paint holds up, before going ahead and painting the entire roof with the paint. You can't see the roof of course while you walk by, but you can now see the nice white sides which makes the whole thing look a lot better... got lots of comments from all the park supervisors today that happened by!

Not done yet after that job was finished, it was time to move on to the next one...

Check out the crappy caulking job on the lower run of our bedroom slide out! This had to be re-done! No Question... so, I spent an hour cleaning out all the old caulk with a plastic knife, being carefull not to scratch the fibreglass. A quick trip to the local RV Dealership and I picked up a new tube of Dycor Caulking for RV's.

It is not quite a 100% perfect job, but it is 150% better that what we had, so all is good again.

So all that work filled in most of the day, and Judy and I got to sit out and enjoy a nice short Florida rain shower while enjoying a beverage this afternoon.

Time to get serious though, as this is the Home Opener for the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight, as they take on Buffalo. Got to go find a game face!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice to hear you are having warm weather....we are in for a COLD FRIDGET WEEK........-24...yikes

  2. Wow, John, your roof looks brand new where you painted it !!

    The caulking job on the slideout seam looks excellent as well.

    Take care ... TnT

  3. Looks like a lot of work to me, I need to do the same to ours as well.

  4. I'd rather paint a roof and do caulking than go line dancing too! Smart move, John.

    Both jobs look good!

  5. Always the handyman, eh John? Nice work with the paint and caulking jobs....and, concurring with Rick's comment....those were pretty darned good excuses to escape line dancing.

  6. Need to keep up with that caulking looks like a pretty good job to me.
    The roof sure cleaned up pretty good too.