Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No...I don't want to go back...

Temperatures here climbed a lot last night, and it was warm during the evening for sleeping, but since I have retired... sleep comes very easy and last a long time....perfect!

Tom and Cheryl were in shock this morning as the came to realize that their holiday was over! I tried to cheer them up by making my special pancakes for them, but the trip home hung over them.

We headed off to Orlando by 10:15 this morning, in order for them to make a 2:15 flight back to Toronto...

We had previously booked John's Airport Service, to make the trip. I hate having to drive into the airports, so we left it all up to John. Look at him working above, getting those bags out of the trunk of the Airport Limo! What a Company, and I highly recommend their services!



I don't know why Tom and Cheryl were smiling in the picture above... standing outside Orlando's International Terminal... maybe they were happy to be heading home to the snow and cold in Toronto!

We all had a fantastic time while they were here! Will see them this summer when we head back to Ontario!

till tomorrow...



  1. well, with Tom and Cheryl away, it's back to your routine....or not.

  2. It really sucks to be them, but hey you can now relax again and send them pictures!

  3. Hope Tom and Cheryl have jackets within easy reach. Must be sad to leave sunshine for snow.

  4. I suppose they may was well smile and face the inevitable. No point cryin' about it.

  5. Those smiles were just masks to hide our reluctance to leave. We are home safe and sound and chilly. Thanks again to our great limo driver and his assistant. It was a blast.!!! See you in the spring.