Wednesday, January 9, 2013

RV Repair Day...

WOW... 85 Deg. F. here today... all kinds of sun...all kinds of heat! This is what we came for!

You all may remember, back about a month ago, we had a problem with our hot water tank leaking. The cold water intake was leaking, and we ended up having to call in a mobile repair service to fix the problem. It was fixed and still remains dry today!

However, the leaking ended up causing other problems... we did not notice this leak for quite a while, and the water ended up leaking and running below out hard flooring in front of our entrance to our bathroom. Before we knew it, it was too late, the damage was done.

Hence, a decision was made to have someone come in and repair the damaged sub-floor, and at the same time replace all the hard floor coverings in the RV. Might as well, the existing floor was one big piece.


We decided to deal with Jim's Floor Depot, of Dundee, Florida. Just only 5 miles away. Above two of the installers start to cut out or existing floor...

Above you can see the badly damaged section of flooring, under our hard floor. The sub-floor was wet, and would have very soon gone to mould... just what you don't want! The installers managed to remove all the effected area of sub-floor.

They found out that the 1/2 inch chipboard sub-floor, was glued to 1 inch of styrofoam, which acts as an insulation. It was a very dirty, long, and difficult process to get the old damaged area removed as you can see above.

The new sub floor is being cut above... they decided to put in two layers of new sub-floor, rather than try and put styrofoam back in. They had 3 installers working on this job all day today...

Above is the end result of today... they did an excellent job of replacing the bad, wet area. All is good again. Tomorrow they will return first thing in the morning, and you will be seeing the new floor all laid out, in the blog tomorrow night!

Of course with all this construction going on, Judy and I went out to enjoy a nice NY Pizza night, just up the road! It was good!

Check out this link that Kristina sent me... Dr. Shawn got Emmie and Paige to sing happy birthday to Kristina on social media, and sent it to her for her birthday! She loved it!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice that you discovered the damage before too much more was done.

  2. It's your home and when the maintenance is needed, you get it done. You'll be good to go in no time.

  3. Looks like they are doing a great job for you, glad the fix is in place!

  4. Sure looks like your guys did a first rate job getting rid of that old wet floor. Can't wait to see the finished job.

    Sure enjoyed the video of the Grands singing Happy Birthday - what a great idea. I love Dropbox!

    What's with your Leafs firing Brian Burke??

  5. Good reminder to routinely check all fittings where there is water.

  6. What a mess. Glad you found a company that could replace your floor. Looking forward to seeing the final project.

    Cute video. Just amazing how we can use technology these days. Great idea.

  7. So glad you found the damage before it was even worse! Looks great now!