Friday, January 4, 2013

Touring Punta Gorda!

Apparently the sun cannot shine everyday, and today was one of those days! It was still nice and warm, getting near 70, but overcast all day...

We took life so slow this morning, I thought we were all going backwards! Between the girls doing swimming and pool exercises, and Tom doing his guitar practicing... it was a hectic pace!

We decided to tour Punta Gorda this afternoon... it is a quaint little Town about a 20 minute drive from us. They have a Fisherman's Wharf there, so we had to check it out...


Above, you will see the fisherman we ran into with the big catch of the day!

They have renovated the old Wharf buildings into fancy dan boutiques... on the second storey is apartments.


Of course, as always, we looked like a bunch of Canadian tourists as we wandered about aimlessly.


Bear with me tonight, as I used my smart phone on all the pics tonight...above we found a WWII Museum inside the Wharf area, and went in to check it out. Great spot with a bunch of WWII Vets running the place! They were great to talk to and wanting to tell you their story! I loved listening to them... reminds me of my Dad, who was also a WWII Vet. It is amazing to see what they had to live through.

Above is a bunch of old WWII rifles and guns... great exhibit. I love getting lost in history like this. I met a Vet, who was 88, and told us about his training under General Patton... I was at Patton's Museum out west, where this Vet did his desert training! Amazing.

After we did the Wharf, Tom and I wanted to go and check out the American Muscle Car Museum!

If you can believe it, this is a total private collection of 232 auto's, including over 60 Corvettes! They are all owned by Rick Treworgy. He is a Punta Gorda resident, and ran out of places to store his cars so he bought the old Walmart Store, and converted it into a museum!


It was hard to believe it is all owned by one man! What a collection. Tom and I checked them all out!


It would be nice to come and shop at this Walmart if you were really rich! He had one Corvette in here that was valued at $1.5 million. We figured there is about $7 Million in cars in here... probably more!


These are primarily all GM cars, and there were a bunch of really old ones as well as newer ones! I found one 1969 Corvette that had 5 miles on the Odometer! Go figure.

One of my fav Stingrays above...


Years ago Judy had an old Chevy Nova, but it didn't look like this one!

1950 style Chevy's anyone! They had a few... crazy!

Above is the lucky owner... this is a file picture. We enjoyed!

Of course, we just had to go across the way to the shopping mall and find Cheryl and Judy when we were done at the Museum!

Till tomorrow...


  1. You guys were in Motorhead Heaven. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Another fun day, and that museum, would be awesome!

  3. Two subjects I relish; war history and vintage cars. What an awesome auto collection.

    Hope the sun returns.

  4. Wow, wow, wow !!

    I never knew such an awesome collection existed !!

    Pure heaven ... Teresa would have had to drag me out of there kickin' and screamin' !!

    We are enjoying your journey in Florida. You guys have fun no matter where you go ... lol.

    Take care ... TnT

  5. This looks like my husband's dream day! =]