Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to Caliente Springs…

We got to sleep in a bit this morning, and caught up on some computer work… you know, blogs, reading, etc.  We started the big job of packing up all our stuff and preparing the RV to move back to good old site 305 at Caliente Springs!   All is now done, and we managed to fit in a skype call this afternoon, with Kristina, Chris and Gwenny.  They made it home fine, and all went well on their flight.  Gwenny slept most of the time in flight.  Too bad they have some snow, and a bit cold, but that is life in Ontario!

This evening we had a skype call with Shawn, Jenn, and Emmie and Paige from Ottawa.  They are having real winter with lots of snow and cold weather.  They are used to mild Tennessee winters, so this is a shock to the system for sure!

Shawn has his arms full in this first picture, taken off the skype call…The girls were all wound up tonight on the call, and were super hyper having a ball!


We noticed a visible change in both the girls, from when we last saw them Nov. 1st of last year.  They are growing taller, hair is longer, and Paige seems so much older!  It is great to have skype available to see this all the way from California!


Paige had to show us her new “Big Girl Bed” that she just got… now she is like her big sister with her own bed!  I love her name up on the wall in the background…   It was great to watch the kids rip it all up tonight!   They must have been drinking Tim Horton’s Coffee!


We had some wind in the valley today, but the temperatures were still warm, so all is good.  Hopefully, might be able to go flying tomorrow if the wind is down…

Till tomorrow…


  1. what cute little girls....they were excited to see you online hence why they were so active :)....we also find a big difference in our grands and we just saw them last month...

  2. When I see energy like that I am glad I'm the grandma and not the mom!! What adorable little bundles of energy. They do grow so fast.

    Hope you are able to get some flying in tomorrow. Enjoy...

  3. The 'grands' sure look like they're having a great time and it is terrific to be able to see them on Skype for sure.

    Now that all of each other's company is gone, maybe we can get together for a game of golf here! I'm free to play any day and 2pm to 2:30pm is usually a good tee time. Just let me know if you have a day and I'll arrange it.

  4. Nice visit with the grands. Hope you got some flying time in today. Ready for the Leafs Ottawa game tonight?