Sunday, January 8, 2012

Someone turned 30 today!

Yes, our little baby, Kristina turned 30 today down here in the desert!  She said she could not remember celebrating such a warm birthday!  It was a nice day, although the wind did get up a bit today to remind you of the fact you are living in the desert!

We headed out to Olive Garden to celebrate the big day!  Even Gwenny joined us, but she did not eat much!



Of course you need cake to celebrate a birthday!



Earlier today, we all attended the Chapel Service here at Sky Valley Resort, it is so popular, they hold two every Sunday.  I was laughing, as when I went down to the hall, there was 23 golf carts lined up in the parking lot!  

After lunch we decided it was time for a first for Gwenny.  Swimming that is!  They have a great set of pools and hot tubs here, which all contain mineral water to sooth the soul!

Gwenny loves her bath time, as most babies do, but I think she might have been a bit overwhelmed at the size of the pools… it took her a bit to adjust to all that water.


She seemed to catch on though to this cool float thingy… the water was nice an warm for her.


Below Gwenny and I are enjoying some coffee and toys early this morning in the Park Model…


Chris was cooking up a storm for us all in the kitchen.


However, mostly today, little Gwenny just hung around, looking cool!


Happy Birthday Kristina…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Happy birthday Kristina-that gwenny is just too cute...enjoy your visit...

  2. Happy Birthday Kristina!..looks like it wasn't her normal January birthday!! in the sun and the pool!!

  3. I love the picture of Gwenny in her float. That is just too cute. And your baby is 30. Kind of hard to believe that some days. But what a great day for her.

  4. Sure a 30th birthday to remember with some great memories of the family all together on winter holidays in the desert. Happy Birthday Kristina. Gweeny looks like she could adapt to the resort lifestyle very easily. She got the rite idea with her float. Hard to beat the Olive Garden for some good food.

  5. Awesome visit! How can you beat that eh? Family visiting is a treat you truly relish.

  6. Happy Birthday Kristina. Glad to see everyone arrived safely and you are having a great time. Your Mom & Dad are excellant tour guides. We can vouch for that!! Enjoy.