Friday, January 20, 2012

I think we have created a monster!

I was out the door and off to work… errr…. I mean off to the flying field, at 7:45 this morning… It was another beautiful morning, with a few clouds at first, but the soon burned off.  I think today was a record at the flying field, as we had 11 vehicles out to fly!  Most I have ever seen!  We have created a monster.  We all should be buying stock in Uncle Don’s Hobby Shop!

We are kind of lucky here to have this facility, as it is the golf driving range, but seldom anyone is out driving balls so early in the morning.  This end of the flying field is high, and we have a commanding view of Mount Jacinta for sure…


We had one big incident, and that would be my plane, hitting Jack’s plane HEAD ON IN MID-AIR!  Our worse nightmare come true!  My propeller ripped of the end 4 or 5 inches of one of Jack’s wings, and as the planes were about 100 feet in the air, Jack’s came down in a big heap and hit the deck hard!  I was able to land my plane, and it suffered not damage at all!  Jack, was not so lucky… his plane was essentially destroyed.  It was a real nice balsa wood modes, with a nice clear coat over the frame… these planes are kind of expensive, and he has had it for 3 years now.  The picture below kind of shows what was left… not much.  The wing was ruined, and if you look at the landing gear, you will see nothing in front of it!  No motor, no firewall, no nothing!  This plane is now good for the garbage can!  I just met Jack this year.  He is from Alaska, and is very easy going and took the hit all in stride… that is life on the flying field!  One minute you are flying, the next you are in a heap!


We took a quick trip into Ranch Mirage today, as Judy is looking for a specific Sony E Reader, however they did not have it in stock at Best Buy… surprise, surprise!   Will probably order it online.

This afternoon, Greg, one of my flying buddies, asked us to come down the the pond on hole number 9 of the golf course.  He as going boat racing!

Oh wait, the first picture is the gold fish in the pond… they are huge!


This is Greg’s boat below… this is a real nice scale model, and is very fast.


Greg is connecting the battery, (LIPO), and the silver looking thing, mid-ship, is the motor. 


Greg is from Oregon, and had his two brothers come to visit over the holidays, and they all stopped in at good old Uncle Don’s Hobby Shop, in Palm Desert, and each of them bought one of these boats to play with over the holidays!  Why not! 


They use the same technology as out RC Aircraft do, which is a much improved radio signal… you never lose control now… well, almost never!

This is Greg below, getting it all set up.


As I mentioned, they rock!


Greg and his brother were doing some racing… his one brother has already left for home.


A bit of a washed out picture below, but Greg is giving Judy the 5 minute instructional video on how to drive a boat!  She did real good!


Greg was all set up with little buoys set up on the course to race around!



Simply, way too much fun! 

Yup, another real tuff day in the Coachella Valley!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Boys and their toys lol!! I think you guys need an air traffic controller. That poor plane sure has nothing left to repair, does it?!?! At least you are all having fun in the sun.

  2. I have always wanted to try out one of those boats!
    That weather looks so lovely! Ours has been similar but today it's cold and the air feels just plain wet!

  3. What is the protocol in a situation like this? Your plane destroyed his. Are you obligated to replace his plane?