Saturday, January 7, 2012

A day around Palm Springs…

We all got to sleep in a bit this morning after going to bed early… everyone was tired.  Gwenny slept very good in the desert air and seems to like the warm temperatures. 

This below is the park model unit in our Resort that we were able to obtain  for the kids to stay in.  These are great little units and come all equipped for action.


Our motor home is parked right across the road from the Park Model, and was splashed with sunlight this morning when I had the camera out…


The Park Model has a nice deck on the back, which is facing out to the desert here in Sky Valley… a great spot to laze away the day…


Gwenny was in a good mood today, and was all dressed up for action in the desert.


The Park Models are very plain looking on the outside, but do the trick.  They have a nice living area, a kitchen, full bathroom, and bedroom with lots of storage. 1 week, or 6 months, they work out pretty good for living in.  Fully air conditioned and heated.


Later in the in the morning, we decided to go in the Street Fair @ College of the Desert, probably the biggest fair in this area.  It was packed today with lots of vendors, and many customers.  Below they are getting Gwenny ready to head to the fair…


This is a great spot, and lots of Palm Trees and Mountains to go around…


The money was just a flowing as we walked around… perfect weather for it today.


Don’t know what they are all doing below, but they are looking at something…


Lots of different things to look at today, as there were some new vendors there, which is nice.


Gwenny was all rigged up this afternoon, in  a snazzy new pair of sunglasses that Granny order for her off the internet… Gwenny liked wearing them, and you needed them today!


Gwenny and I are in a holding pattern below, as everyone is shopping at this booth…


Chris and Kristina headed into Town this afternoon for some additional shopping on their own while Granny and Pop Pop took care of the Princess.

Big Detroit/Toronto Hockey Game tonight, so that is on tap for all of us good Leaf Fan’s in the desert!  The PVR is heating up now.

Till tomorrow…


  1. Looks like the family's visit is off to a great start. Gwenny looks sharp in her new shades.

  2. nice digs that Gwenny is staying in!!..looks like everyone enjoyed the day!!
    mind my asking what the price is on the park model..per week?..or per month?

  3. Gwenny is so cute. We ave two grandsons. I pray that one day we will get a grand daughter. So special. That accommodation is pretty nice, and right across the road too. Couldn't be better.

  4. Great that you were able to get the park model for the family. That Gwenny sure is adorable and looks so cute in her sunglasses. So nice that they could come and spend some time in the desert with you.

  5. The park model looks great. Glad to see Gwenny all decked out in her sunglasses for the COD! Sure hope the great weather continues for the remainder of their visit.