Saturday, January 28, 2012

Every thing is for sale!

Turned out to be another great day here in DHS… just a bit of wind was the only problem… made it out first thing this morning to the flying field, however it was too windy, and I had a little bit of a hard landing… oooopppssss!

Instead of flying we thought we would try Resort Sales!  Three Resorts across Dillon Road from us today. had big sales going on, so we wanted to check them out

Below is the welcoming committee at the Resort across the road from us…


We were surprised at how many people were out, but it was a great day for getting out and about!


These resorts do this every year, and they have clowns and the whole bit at them. 


Yup, that is a Pirate welcoming me at one of the sales…


Even the little kids were out this morning… nice sky!



One park had some nice entertainment going, and there was lots of food – food – food!

Judy is checking water temperature at one resort below…


100_3356 - Copy (2)

We were surprised at the number of resorts that are located across the road from us!  Wow… we went on a great tour…

100_3357 - Copy (2)

So what did we buy… not much, a coffee grinder for $2.00, and a bottle of Amaze.  This is a black streak remover and general cleaner sold by the same Company that sells “The Solution” which is another great product.  The Company had a booth set up for sales at one of the Resorts today.


After a quick trip into DHS for some supplies, Judy wanted to hit the Driving Range this afternoon… now usually this is where you would fly an RC Airplane, but today you hit golf ball there!   Judy is thinking of joining a bunch of ladies for golf and lunch this coming week, so wanted to get some practice time in today. 


Found some time for the practice green as well… she is good to go now!


Headed down Dillon Road to Indio this afternoon, on the Burgman, to order a new set of tires for it… will take a few days to come in.

Till tomorrow…


  1. another perfect day in DHS!!..snowy here this morning! many more sleeps till camping season can begin again?

  2. Hey guys

    Looks like Mom has excellent golf form, she keeps her eye on the ball! Hope everything is well.

    Chris + Kristina

    and Gwenny of course.

  3. exciting looking just have to love poking around in those places...great golf form!!! have a super week...

  4. WHAT???...Looks like I missed out on a great GS!! Good finds!