Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ssssshhhhhhhhh… it’s a surprise!

So, today is a big day for Kristina, Chris, and Gwenny, as they will start the long journey to Desert Hot Springs.  They left Woodstock this afternoon, and headed into Toronto, to stay the night at Chris’ Grand Mothers home.  She lives very close to Pearson Airport, where they will fly out of at 8:30 tomorrow morning.  The trip was with some problems, as Kristina sent me a text, letting me know they were pulled over by the Ontario Provincial Police, as they had no rear tail lights!  They recently had some repairs made to the car, and they think this might have caused the problem.  They did make it into Toronto using the 4 way flashers so everyone could see them with no problems.  Hope all the lights work on the plane tomorrow morning!  They will take a taxi from Gamma's house to Pearson for the morning flight.
Now here is the surprise tonight.  They never told Gwenny that they were going to take her to California to see Gramma and Pop Pop!  It was a total surprise for her… Kristina took her picture right at the moment she told Gwenny that they were leaving tomorrow morning!  Here is that picture!
It is obvious, she could simply not believe she is going to California!
Looks like Gwenny might have a new set of wheels to bring out to DHS with here… might be a nifty convertible!
Judy and I moved the RV from Caliente Springs, and we are now located at Sky Valley RV Resort, the Sister Ship!   If you are trying to call us on our cell phone, you might have problems, as the cell coverage this far out on the Dillon Road is a little weak and you may not reach us.  However, leave a message and we will get it, or please just email us! 
Tomorrow morning, Judy and I will leave DHS, and drive in on Hwy. 10 to LAX to pick up the !  Can’t wait!
Till tomorrow…


  1. That picture of Gwenny is so funny! Bet you can't wait to see her. Have a wonderful visit.

  2. That Gwenny is such a little dolly...she sure looks like a happy baby..enjoy your visit...I can just feel that first hug :)

  3. What a great, happy pic of little Gwenny!

    Welcome to Desert Hot Springs, Gwenny - can't wait to meet you!

  4. Have a great time you guys!!! x

  5. Now that is certainly a good reason to drive to LAX. We're certain you will enjoy every minutes from their visit.