Sunday, January 15, 2012

So long Gwenny, will see you in the spring!

OK, so goodbye to Kristina and Chris as well, as today they all had to fly back to Toronto, and then on to Woodstock.  It was hard to say goodbye to all of them, we had a great time!  We dropped them into LAX, around 9:30 this morning, for their 12:00 flight on Air Canada.  It is too hard to take pictures at LAX, as you are too busy driving and taking care of stuff, so Judy did take this last shot of Gwenny in the Jeep as we closed in on LAX.


Gwenny was great on the 2 hour drive into LAX, and I just received a text from Kristina, who is now back in Toronto, and reports that Gwenny was just super on the plane. 

After all our goodbye’s were said, we jumped back into the Jeep and decided to take a driving tour of Los Angeles…  we have never really looked around much, just here and there, and decided while we were here we would take advantage!

We took the 405 North Freeway from LAX, and headed right up to none other than Mulholland Drive.  What a nice drive, we took it east, and right down into Hollywood.  You follow a ridge of mountains, and pass some pretty fancy homes…


The view from these homes is worth 1 million dollars…


We never paid the 7 bucks for the map of the Star’s homes, so pick and star, and call this one their home…


This is an amazing piece of California, and we sure enjoyed the drive…


As we made our way into Hollywood, we drove down non other than Hollywood Blvd.  Again, kind of a neat spot and worth driving down to see, at least once in your life… This pic below is along the Blvd. and it’s trademark tall Palm Trees…  Oh, and yes, our point and shoot is plagued again with smudges on the lens or something….


People all line up downtown, to see the most recent shows and movies…


Go figure, a Farmer’s Market in Hollywood…


This is not a very good shot, but it is taken from the car as we drove back to the Pacific Ocean, on Sunset Blvd.   The sign is very prominent in Hollywood!


One of the nice homes below, on Sunset Blvd.


We made it up Sunset, to #1 Highway, and the Pacific Ocean… we stopped along the highway on our way back into LA, and watch this group learning how to surf!  It was a bit cool and cloudy today, and we did not feel like spending much time on the beach.  It was a nice drive though, and we made it all the way down to Marina Del Ray!


What a great beach they have along the coast in Venice, and LA. 


Marina Del Ray is huge!  Can’t believe how many boats are docked there… this is only a very small sample of them…



We made it back to DHS by 3:00 this afternoon, and took life easy for the rest of the day.  Tomorrow we get to move the rig back to Caliente Springs RV Resort! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. Nice tour. Looking at those houses...they can keep them....I'll take our motorhome and the freedom.

  2. So what will we do now without a Gwenny pic everyday to brighten up our day.

  3. wow good for you travelling among the rich and famous...gorgeous homes and great pictures..but I betcha none of those homes have have the richest pic of all and thats the one of Gwenny!!! Glad they made it back to Ontario safe and sound! She looks like a really good little girl..sounds like shes quite the little traveller.

  4. fyi- Rick and Elaine NB is Rick the Elaine and Rick is me :)

  5. So sorry to see Gwenny go home but glad to hear they made it back safe and sound.

    You sure made the best of your trip to LAX. We did the Mulholland Dr. tour as well - pretty awesome homes up there.

    Looks like you made need to spray some of the Solution on that camera lens!

  6. "Elaine and Rick", "Rick and Elaine". What? Geez.
    OK fine, I get it. I'll know what to look for now.
    Thanks. I think.

    I was GOING to say, it was a nice visit, and it's too bad it had to come to an end. Hopefully Gwenny will remember bits and pieces.
    Safe travels tomorrow. (later today?)

  7. What a fast week, but looked like a perfect visit. Glad to hear everyone arrived home safely. Enjoyed seeing the shots of L.A., but much prefer the desert.