Friday, January 13, 2012

Gwenny receives Visitor’s…

I tell you, Kristina and Chris, along with Gwenny, have certainly lucked out on the weather down here in Southern California!  It has been amazing all week long… lots of sun, warm in the day, and staying mild in the evenings!  What else could be better!  Today was no different… mid 70’s and beautiful, never a cloud in the sky! 

I made it over with Chris this morning to fly the plane at Caliente.  Good flying conditions, but the wind came up a little to make it more of a challenge to land! 

Little Gwenny is so popular, she had her own Visitor’s today, here at Sky Valley.  Rick and Paulette, from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels , dropped by this this morning wanting to visit with Gwenny!  As soon as they heard she was coming to California, they made it know they had to be here!  We all had a great time!

Below we had the wagons circled, enjoying the sun, or if you got too warm, you moved into the shade…


I had mentioned to Rick, that 11:00 would be a good time in Gwenny’s schedule to visit, however, like a Diva, she did not wake up till about noon, keeping us all waiting for her grand entrance!  It worked out well, as we got a good chance to catch up with Rick and Paulette, and all that they have been up to this winter.


Paulette wanted to take little Gwenny home with her, but Mom and Dad had something to say about that!


While Rick and Paulette were posing above with Gwenny, Chris agreed to play the Dog Whisperer… and took care of Rylie and Molly, who came along for a ride in the truck today. 


Rick and Paulette brought along a gift for Gwenny, and she was all excited about ripping at the paper to get it opened!


Gwenny will be all set and in great fashion next summer for sure!  Thanks Rick and Paulette!  We all enjoyed a nice BBQ, while playing and talking with Gwenny!


This afternoon after our Guests left, we took a nice long walk around Sky Valley Resorts, checking things out… It is a real nice park, and a great afternoon for a walk.


Busy night tonight, the Leaf’s play!  Judy and Kristina may make a trip to the outlet malls tonight, so may have to put a big clamp on the Visa!

Till tomorrow…


  1. little ones are such a treat! Looks like you'd better watch Rick and Paulette!

  2. Nice outfit Gwenny received from Rick and Paulette, and the perfect weather for the afternoon BBQ and visit. Hope the Leafs have a win tonight with Buffalo. Mollie and Rylie look like they took well to Chris. Have a Great Weekend!

  3. what a cute outfit for a cute little girly...nice that Rick and Paulette got to visit...have a super weekend

  4. Love that photo of Rick and Paulette with little Gwenny. Paulette's a natural. The new outfit is adorable too although Gwenny seems to be saying, "Oh no, not more socks!" Glad you all had a nice visit. Grandkids are so much fun.

  5. Thanks for having us over for a great lunch and a wonderful visit. We were very happy to get to meet Kristina, Chris and especially so to see little Gwenny - she is a real cutie!

    Hope to meet up with you again soon.

  6. Paulette is right. That Gwenny is definitely as cute as a button...and adorable too.