Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I’m a golf widower…

6:00 this morning our alarm clock is going off!  What the…  Judy jumps out of bed and is in the shower in a split… my eyes are kind of still stuck inside my head!  6:40 a.m. and she has the Jeep all fired up off to pick up golfing partners!  There was a group of about a dozen of them that headed into Palm Springs to golf at the  Cimarron Golf Course.  They have two courses here, and they played the Executive Course, which is shorter than the other course… of course… of course.


Judy said the course was right against the mountains, and she was right!  I kind of raided these pictures off her point and shoot and there are certainly lots of mountains!


I am not sure how many courses there are here, but there is a lot!  In all price ranges as well.


She said the course was in great shape, and facilities were second to none!


Not sure what these birds are, but there were lots of them…


Your always hungry after golf, so they all enjoyed lunch!


So what did the golf widower do… go flying of course!  This afternoon was not so much fun though, as I was in DHS at Big “0” Tires, getting an oil change, when it was determined the brakes of the Jeepster were almost non existent, so for the sake of stopping, we now have new brakes!   Ouch!


When we got back to the resort, we needed to slow the day down, so we went off to the hot tub!  Mission accomplished!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Give me a brake!
    G&D K

  2. Look's like the ladies had a good time at the course, and now the Jeep is good to go for more adventures. Ready for the Leafs and Penguins tonight?

  3. The Cimarron? Never heard of the place, but maybe we should check it out? Do they allow men??

    I guess you have to have brakes!