Monday, January 23, 2012

Medical Care–American Style!

I made it out to the flying field this morning, but the weather was a changing, and there was a forecast of some rain here today.  The wind came up on the field, and we called it a day early due to high winds… Sad smile

I got back to the RV, and immediately headed down to the hot tubs to soak up some mineral water!  Felt good. Judy was doing pool exercises as usual.

When Judy got back to the RV, I had decided I had enough of a blocked ear this past weekend.  It started last Thursday afternoon, and we tried a number of home remedies to unblock my left ear… none worked!  I had lost 90 % of my hearing in the ear, and it was starting to bother me.  We made a call into a walk in clinic in DHS, and they said they could take me.  Next, Judy made a call to our out of country medical coverage provider, and after 1/2 an hour of many questions etc, they gave us the go ahead to see the Dr. in DHS.

We made it in by 12:30, and the Dr. took a look in my ear to see if she could see my brain, but said nope, not there!  My ear was totally blocked in the canal.  They next placed a few drops of some fluid in the ear, stuck in a cotton ball, and told me to come back after lunch at 2:00 p.m.  Made it back, and the blasting began!  Ouch!  They use a device that looks an a lot like a water pic for your teeth, and spray away… After about 5 good shots with the device, the dam broke, and the blockage was cleared!  Ya! 

Must admit they were very efficient, and offered good service to us.  Minimal waiting time, as I basically walked in.  Paper work took most time of all.  The end damage… $187.50 which we had to pay, and will submit the bill to our insurer.  Feels good, I can hear Judy again! 

This pic below is of Mount Jacinta… you can barely see it behind the clouds today… we had some strange clouds, and a wee bit of rain, not much


After I finished at the Dr. I headed into Palm Desert, to visit one of my favourite stores… “Uncle Don’s Hobby Shop”.


They called me today to let me know the new plane I had ordered was in!  Yes, new plane!  A new baby!

Check it out!


This is a new Hobby Zone F4U Corsair fighter plane.  It is was is called a “Micro Plane”, but flies real big!  These things zip around, and have full 4 channel controls, “throttle, rudder, elevator, and ailerons”.



It is very light, only weight in a 1 1/2 ounces!  Will stay in the air for 15 minutes on the battery!  Should be a blast!  Won’t be using this one though to knock other planes out of the sky!


Will get it up in the air tomorrow if the weather is good, Judy says it will be, and we are headed for another heat wave!  Alright!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Good thing you got your ear's not good when you can't hear the wife!! Have fun flying that new plane.

  2. I periodically have ear wax build up as well. Get yourself a small bottle of Cirunemex (sp) & a good sized syringe. Same procedure the Doctor did & you can do it yourself. Warm water in the syringe & squirt, squirt, squirt:))

  3. glad you got your ear fixed....when that happens I find it unbalances me as well as blocks the hearing..have a blast flying that new plane....can't wait to see pictures...

  4. glad to hear that the earblockage was just a bit of wax!..have fun with the new toy!

  5. Have fun with the new plane, will be looking forward to hearing how it flies. Glad your ear is doing better.

  6. It's always a great feeling to get a plugged up ear cleared - good thing it was only 1 ear or you may not have been able to buy that nice new plane!

    Have fun flying!

  7. You'll be better able to hear your plane flying now. Nice looking plane!