Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nothing like a good Palm Springs Winter!

Here is the forecast for Gravenhurst, Ontario for the next 4 days…


Here is the forecast for Palm Springs for the next 4 days…


So where would you rather be???

This winter in Ontario, has not been too bad, but there is still snow, and some cold, and it is still winter!  We have found this winter in Palm Springs, to be the best winter since we have started coming south, now 3 years ago!  Today it hit 81 deg. F. here, and was wonderful. 

Went flying this morning, and found nothing but a bunch of wind, and ended up crashing my Cub due to wind sheer… ouch… however nothing that a couple small parts from Uncle Don’s couldn’t fix!  Back in the air tomorrow!  Had the new Corsair up in the air also today, but had to stop as the winds picked up… had a couple ruff landings with it, but no big damage… back in the air tomorrow!

This afternoon, Judy and I jumped on the Burgman, and drove up to Yucca Valley, in the high desert.  I found a hobby shop up there called Ground Control RC and I wanted to check it out.  It was a great afternoon for a motorcycle ride, nice and warm, a bit of wind, but not too bad.  It turned out to be a great find, nice shop with lots of inventory!  Will probably be back!

Other than that, not a lot went on here today!  That is the way life is sometimes! 

Till tomorrow…



  1. There's no question at all where I'd rather be - right here! What a great day!

    Glad to see your new Corsair wasn't totaled on it's maiden flight.

  2. No choice for me - sunshine will win every time in my book. Always great to find another store so you can help out the economy a little bit more.