Friday, January 6, 2012

Gwenny’s Excellent California Adventure!

The Princess has arrived!  A little on the late side, but that is fashionable I guess…  Judy and I were up early to make the 2 hour drive into LAX.  Good thing we had good old Tom Tom with us to direct the way, as it is a challenge.

At 8:30 this morning, I stopped along the Dillon Road, to grab this picture of Mount Jacinta… I want to send it to who does the Toronto Weather on the local Toronto CTV Station… still looking though for a better shot to send.  Hoping he will put it on the TV while we are watching!


As we made our way into LA, we passed a “real lemon”… (or two, or three…)



We made it to LAX!


We found all of them aimlessly roaming around LAX, looking for a ride, and little Gwenny looked a little shell shocked when we first found her… this of course is after a 5 1/2 hour plane ride out of Toronto, on which she did not sleep at all, as she was right “into it”!



Making our way out of Terminal 2 we strapped her into the Jeep.


Gwenny slept a bit on the way to DHS in the Jeep, and we managed to find a nice dinner for her when we arrived… she loves her rice dinner now…


Judy was all happy, as she got to give Gwenny a bath tonight…


I borrowed a few pictures below off of Kristina’s camera, the first is Gwenny on her first flight on the big bird out of Toronto… Air Canada, put them in the center section of the 767, and they ended up with a separate seat between the two of them for Gwenny!  Perfect.


Looks like Gwenny caught maybe a couple winks below, with Chris watching…



Gwenny finally meets Gramma at the airport!


Gwenny was all excited with this little walker thing that Judy picked up for her to keep her amused while here… it worked!


After we arrived at Sky Valley, we had a chance to gear down, and enjoy life, as Gwenny took a little nap.  It was a beautiful evening to enjoy some “fire in a can”…


We enjoyed a great dinner tonight, and looks like a bunch of us are heading to bed early!  Gwenny included!

Till tomorrow…


  1. How wonderful to welcome family for a stay with you in a warmer climate. Have fun!

  2. enjoy the visit with your family!!..looks like you will be making a few memories!

  3. Looks like a great visit... and looks like great weather for them to come visit in too!