Thursday, January 26, 2012

OK, so we are having fun now!

Pretty soon we are going to have to head back to Ontario for a rest!  We are having too much fun here… should be a law against this I guess!

We both were up early this morning, heading separate ways!  I was off for the flying field at 7:30, as the weather has again turned fantastic, and conditions were ideal!  We had over 12 vehicles out on the old flying field this morning, as we are in the peak of the season now.  The RV Resort is full!

This first pictures tonight, is me flying my new Corsair, at about 4:00 this afternoon, as you can see the sun getting ready to hide behind Mount Jacinta…  what a beautiful afternoon it was… ( Yes, I went out flying twice today!)


Getting ready to hand launch the Corsair this afternoon.


These next few pictures are from this morning, as we all get set to fly… check out the blue sky today!




Fly, baby, fly!



So while I was off flying, Judy hooked up at the flag pole in the Resort this morning at 8:30, and met up with a group for the weekly Spiritual Hike.  They had about 15 ladies out this morning, and off they went to Morango Canyon, up Hwy. 62 towards Yucca Valley.

Not sure if this first picture has anything to do with the hike or not, but I found it on her camera.


Off they go… “let’s climb that there hill…”


I can only imagine the guy below has been parked at the trail for quite some time now…


This is a very popular hiking area… everyone is enjoying!


Coffee break time…


This afternoon, I headed into DHS, to pick up a couple items at Stater Bros. Grocery, and so what a great chance to take the motorcycle into Town, on such a great day.  I did a mini tour of DHS and found a road that goes up the mountains behind the Town to the Water Tower… took a few pics.

This first one is looking over DHS west, towards our RV Resort in the distance…


Here is good old Mount Jacinta with DHS in the foreground…


This afternoon, Judy and I went out for a walk around the Resort, and I took this picture of the front pond and waterfalls, which greet you as you enter our Resort… took this with the smart phone…there is a big turtle in this pond, that I wanted a picture of, but no co-operation today from him.



Ok, so here is your dose of reality for today… this next picture I borrowed off our Son’s facebook page.  It is a picture of “Frosty, the Snowman” of course, in their backyard in Ottawa, Ontario.  Our Grandaughters, Emmie and Paige built him!  Emmie kept running to the back window of the house, to see if Frosty, “had come to life!”  Frosty used to be on the far left of this picture in the yard, however Dr. Shawn went out with a big shovel and “moved” Frost to the other side of the yard, by the play house… our little Grandaughters may never be the same again!  I have not heard yet what happened when the girls saw that Frosty had moved!



Phew…. ya, sunny and warm again tomorrow!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Looked like a great day, can't have to many of those. Would be great to see the girls reaction about Frosty moving.

  2. Sunny and warm - definitely my kind of day. I bet the girls were beyond excited that Frosty moved. How fun.

  3. Great picture of Frosty! I wonder what the girls thought when they saw Frosty had moved?

    I guess we're paying today for the beautiful day we had yesterday? Darn wind!