Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A full day in the Desert!

A total action packed day for us today… well, almost!   Started off by Chris and I heading up to Caliente Springs RV Resort, 4 miles west of here, and attending the January Men’s Breakfast.  It is a good event, and about 85 men were out for pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage today, followed by a good guest speaker. 

Breakfast finished at 9:30, and then we headed out to the flying field.   There was a big airplane show in Ontario (California), over the weekend, and it also looked like a good morning to fly!  Chris got to meet all my flying buddies and a few more, as it was packed with flyers out in the lovely morning sun.  Lots of new planes were on the field, fresh from the big show.  Had a blast.  I would show you all the pictures I took this morning, however there was problems with my cell phone camera…(OK, I forgot to charge it!) so no pics from this morning.  

We were not done after finishing up at the flying field… we decided to take a hike up Flag Mountain.  You will all remember our trip up there a week or so ago with Tom and Cheryl.  It is a great hike, and it was a nice morning to do it again.

As I don’t have a picture from today’s hike, here is one from before, so just imagine Chris standing there with me!  Easy!


We made it back to our Resort by 12:30, thinking we had put our day in, and were looking for our paycheques… We soon found out that Judy and Kristina, were planning a major shopping trip this afternoon, into Palm Springs, so Chris and I were into the babysitting of Princess Gwenny!  Yikes…

No pictures of that job… safe to say we had out hands full for the afternoon!  (he-he-he)

While Chris and I were out this morning, Judy and Kristina had Gwenny back down at the pools and spa area where they had a blast!




I mentioned there was some serious shopping going on in Palm Springs… Kristina reported that there was some excellent deals, and the people in the stores were begging her to buy up the bargains…

Here she is playing the model, happy with all her purchases… these are only a couple of them…



It was a beautiful, fun filled day, and to prove to everyone we are hearty Canadians, we decided to eat supper outside on the deck of the Park Model tonight.  It was a beautiful night, but did turn a bit cool at the end.   We took the edge off with the fire in a can…


There was a full moon tonight, that rose up over the Indio Hills, behind our park… I am not good at taking these kind of pictures, however you will get the drift… it was quite the site, with many residents out looking at it tonight as it climbed in the sky.


Till tomorrow…


  1. I would have no trouble babysitting that sweet little gwenny at all...she looks like such a good baby.....what a cutie...congrats on the good shopping deals girls..

  2. Ooh I love that last photo!
    Looks like a good day all around!

  3. A great day for everyone. Good breakfast and a little play time for the boy's, more swimming for little Gwenny, some shopping time for the ladies. A perfect end to the day having dinner with all the family. Life is good in the desert. Wishing you another great day.

  4. All of your activity is making me feel a bit guilty for being a bit of a slug yesterday!

    Looks like Gwenny is just loving that pool - terrific pics.

    Shopping? Brings a chill to my spine after what we experienced when our daughters were here at Christmas.

    We'll have to be sure to get over and meet Kristina, Chris and Gwenny before they head home.

  5. Looks like a great time. We love babysitting our granddaughter, but she does wear us out:)

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day to me. Well, except for the shopping part. Jim really thinks I'm wonderful because I am just not a shopper. He figures it gives him more money for his fishing stuff. lol