Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Wow… 6 months ago today, little Gwendolyn was  in Woodstock, Ontario!  Who can believe… What else could we do today but celebrate it!
We made up a photo op tonight with a little cup cake for Gwenny on her 6 month birthday!  She had a ball with it!  Kristina let her have a little wee taste of the blue icing…
Weather wise today was perfect!  Mid 70’s and lots of sun, just the way I like it!  
Kristina joined me this morning, as we headed up to Caliente Springs RV Resort, and joined the flying crew out on the field… The day was not without incident, as I had a harder landing than normal… and so did a bunch of the other guys… oooopppppssss….
Below is a picture of me and Dario… he just fixed up his Tiger Moth… but had all kinds of problems with it, as it hit the desert floor later… very hard!   Kristina also has some video of me landing very hard… and well, safe to say it won’t appear on this blog!
This afternoon, we took Gwenny in her new bikini, and headed to the pools and hot tubs where she really enjoyed herself today!  She is now getting into it!
We took life very easy this afternoon around the Park Model and the RV… with a small trip later in the afternoon to 1000 Palms Oasis… a very popular spot, as we wanted the kids to see the big Palm Trees…   Here is Gwenny and Dad checking out the Rudolf Decorations still up.
At the little hut at 1,000 Palms, we found these bird nests… the one on the far left at front, is a humming bird nest… cool.  At the far right is a road runner nest… very cool as well!
1,000 Palms is a very neat place, with huge Palm Trees all over the place…
Judy caught this great pic of the ….
Great Day!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Well happy 1/2 to sweet the pics..esp the last one the family picture..and she sure is styling in her little bikini...what a dolly she is...enjoy the rest of your visit...

  2. happy 1/2 a birthday to little Miss Gwenny...sure looks like she has developed quite the personality already!! the cupcake shot!!

  3. Happy 1/2 year, Gwenny. Can't wait to meet you later this morning! Save one of those big smiles for us, o.k.

  4. Nice picture of Mom, Dad and Gwenny. Happy 1/2 year Gwenny.