Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A nice easy day today…

Our sun was missing in action today, replaced by some high clouds that seemed to hang around most of the day.  It was still very warm today though, so it was not bad at all.

I was off for the flying field of course this morning, as conditions were absolute perfect!   We had quite a crowd out flying this morning, and yes, my plane came home in 1 piece! 

Everyone here spent the day taking it easy, with some swimming and hot tubs happening… nothing better!

This afternoon Kristina and Chris advised us they wanted to take us out for dinner… well, what else could we do except accept that gracious offer!  Next problem was to decide where to go.  Chris really was interested in trying out a Mexican Restaurant, so we all agreed upon that.  There is probably only one real good Mexican Restaurant, and that would be on Palm Canyon Drive, and is called “Las Casuelas”.  This is by far the most favourite Restaurant of Rick from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels   I enjoyed a nice combination plate of a couple Tacos, and a Burrito… it was good! 

This is the Restaurant below, with large looming Palm Trees out front… you can sit inside, or outside.


Below is a shot I took looking up Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs… it was nice and warm and we all enjoyed walking around.


One of the Staff Members took our picture, just as we all sat down.  check out the mural on the wall behind us… this is a very authentic Mexican Restaurant, including most of the Staff who are Mexican.




After dinner, we walked up towards the main square, and Gwenny wanted to have her picture taken with the Statue of Sony Bono, who was the Mayor of Palm Springs, and of course used to be married to Cher!



Kristina was showing Gwenny the fountains along the sidewalks, and she was getting all excited looking at the water, and was thinking it was “bath time” I  am sure!


Till tomorrow…


  1. nice family photo!!..hope the Mexican food was delicious!!!

  2. Just another great day in paradise for you folks..and you didnt' have to make supper :)...Does it get any better than that? Little Gwenny sure looks like on happy go lucky little girl...

  3. Sun was missing here in Escondido/San marcos today, too! You sure look like you are having a good time with Gwenny....oh and her parents too!

    Mike and Dee White

  4. So, what did Gwenny have for dinner - the Chicken Enchiladas or a Beef Burrito??

    Terrific family photo. We weren't far from you last night as we hit up Sherman's Deli for dinner.

    Paulette says Gwenny is "just adorable"!!