Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What a day to be retired!

Well today was just about perfect… maybe it was!  A beautiful day here in DHS AGAIN!   Mid 70’s and lots of sun, and this is quickly turning into the best winter we have spent in the deep south west since we started to come… (3 years ago now…)  It was perfect to do anything you wanted to!

Started off by going out to the flying field of course… this has turned into a bit of a passion and I love it!  Judy was off to the pool as usual.  Flying conditions were just perfect!  We had about 8 flyers out today, and the sky was full!  Just the way we like it!

After lunch Judy had some very important shopping to do, as a little person we know very very well, is going to celebrate a birthday very soon up in our Nation’s Capital, Ottawa, Ontario, and presents are needed!  We found a great new mall out on Monterey  Ave. in Palm Desert, and the deed is done!   We also got to enjoy a great lunch at the food court, at a Garden Fresh Store…

To finish off a great retirement day, I had a golf date at 2:30 with Rick from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels and Don from K and D in the RV , along with another friend Gary over at the Sands, RV Resort and Golf Club.  They have a terrific 9 hole course over there that is really nice to play.  I was impressed, as it is much bigger than the small course here at Caliente Springs RV Resort.  It was simply a beautiful afternoon to golf.

This first pictures give you an idea of the type of course it is… that is Mount Jacinta in the background, with the sun blocking it out of this cell phone picture…  A couple real nice ponds complete the course.


Yes that is Rick below, bent over and putting all concentration into that put… he made it!  Don is keeping his eye on him!  


This is the first time in three years now of coming south, that I have golfed!  It is a funny game, and I am not real good at it, but it is real nice to get out and enjoy the fellowship with a bunch of good guys, on a real nice afternoon.  Thanks to Rick for inviting us back to the 5th Wheel for refreshments after the game!  Appreciate it! 


Rick’s wife, Paulette, is all excited tonight, as she is off to Ontario, California, tomorrow to attend a huge quilting convention!   She was so excited about it, she was shaking! Good luck tomorrow Paulette, at fending off the crowds!

Have I told you all lately how much I really like this retirement thing???

Thanks to everyone who made comments and asked about my Hero Judy, from yesterday’s blog!  She was back to regular form today!

Till tomorrow…


  1. What a great day golf with Don and Rick, lunch with Judy, got to love that retirement life.

  2. We are glad Judy is feeling better today.

  3. I made that putt? Amazing!

    It was a great afternoon of fun and learning to be humble. Thanks for coming over to the Sands and playing a round with us!

  4. The sister of a friend of mine told my friend that "retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be."

    I STRONGLY disagree and I think you do too!

  5. Glad to hear Judy is back to normal. Keep on giving blood - people like me keep using it up.
    Gerard K

  6. Excellent! It seems like you're having a blast with retirement life. Still, remember that you might end up with a lot of free time in your hands. It's always good to try out several things to pass the time, and keep yourself relatively active.