Monday, January 2, 2012

Sending off Friends… (Don’t tell them it is snowing in Toronto)

Two weeks can go by real fast, and it has.  Tom and Cheryl had to climb aboard the big bird today out of Palm Springs and head to Dallas, Texas.  From there it is another flight tonight back to Toronto!  They live about 20 minutes north of Toronto, in Richmond Hill, or Rich Man’s Hill as I refer to that City, as you gotta be rich to be able to hang in there, that is for sure!  They had a great time while they were here, and also had excellent weather other than the first day or so they were here when the wind was up a bit!  They declared the holiday a success!

Before the 3:00 p.m. flight this afternoon, we had lots of time this morning to enjoy the hot tubs and facilities one more time.  Later in the morning we headed up to Morongo Canyon Preserve for a little bit of a hike.  This is one of the more popular trail areas around here and we enjoyed the nice sunshine today!

Below we are just getting our act together and heading out the trail… they have a nice boardwalk across a wetland area that is real neat to view…



As this is know as “winter” in this area, (lol) there are no leaves on the trees, and the grass has gone dormant.  It looks just like fall would, back up in Ontario, just before the snow comes!  Except, the snow will not be coming here!   Today it was up over 30 deg. C. for all the Canucks out there.  Just a beautiful day again!


We found this real neat tree for Tom and Cheryl to pose for their goodbye picture from… I am sure someone out there in blog land can tell me what kind of tree this is!



Below is a bird viewing area, however not too many birds today, except for this great big Hawk that scared the you know what out of me when he took off right in front of us!


Below we are off loading about 300 lbs of luggage for American Airlines to haul back up to Canada! 


When Judy took this picture below, Cheryl was just beginning her heart attack as she could not find here Passport!  30 seconds of panic later, and all was well as she tucked it into one of those little hiding spots in your purse!


We had a great time with them, showing them the points of interest around DHS.  You never know, one day soon there may be another set of snowbirds heading south for winters!

Welcome goes out tonight to “Dayton C” and “My Rich Frugal Life” who are blog followers 98 and 99!  Who will be 100!

Have to thank my son, Shawn tonight as he relieved me of a bit of stress and worry.  The other day I was simply rubbing my eye while driving the Jeep, and later found out I might of rubbed too hard, as I have a bit of blood in the white part of the eye…  He opinion is that all is OK and will correct it self shortly. (Augh, the marvel of digital pictures…)  Yes, it is nice having a Dr. in the Family for sure!  I think he is in a bit of shock himself, as they get used to having real winter now that they are in Ottawa, and no longer in warm Tennessee!

Till tomorrow…


  1. What kind of tree is that?? A dead one!! I don't know a thing about trees but I would guess some kind of Juniper or Greasewood but whatever it is, it was great for a photo op. That trail looks like a fun hike.

    Loved the comment you left on Rick's blog!

    Hope your eye gets better soon. I did that once - looked terrible but it did heal up on its own.

  2. Not quite 30 here in Escondido, but pretty fantastic anyway! Enjoy. Ontario is very cold right now!

  3. I will ditto the kind of 'tree' that Donna sure does look like a dead or maybe a dormant one!!..glad that you enjoyed your visit with your's not snow back home..just some white rain that you have to shovel!!

  4. It looks like a strip-bark Juniper tree to me.

  5. Your friends sure couldn't have asked for better weather while they were here. Most of the days were absolutely perfect Chamber of Commerce days for sure.

    I'm sure they had a great time as you and Judy did a great job of showing them all the sights in and around DHS!

    Too bad they have to get back to reality.

    Next up - Gwenny!!