Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fun in the Sun!

How can every new day here, be better than the one we just had???  That is what seems to be happening, and I am sure one day soon, something will break!  If not, Gwenny will break it when she gets here!

This morning I was off at 8:00 to the flying field, where else would I go… we had a great time out there.  There was 0 wind out there, and conditions just perfect! 

Here is Leigh, one of our flying group members, with a brand new spitfire that he built himself!  Him and Dan came up with plans and different ideas to produce a neat little plane. Ya, that is his coffee in his other hand, maybe that is why we are out there for 2 1/2 hours every morning!  (Well, I always had a coffee break when I worked at the bank….)


Here is Dan, the mastermind behind the spitfire planes, they planes flew, but had  a few smaller problems that will get ironed out soon.


This afternoon, I received a call from Home Depot, in Rancho Mirage, telling us our custom order cabinet doors had come in… zooooommmm, off we go to pick them up!   Turned out to be my afternoon project.  Good thing my agenda was clear! 

If you remember, (who would…) we ordered these back about 1 1/2 months ago, and they were produced in Florida, and just shipped here.  I think they turned out pretty good.  We used them to cover the hole where the old TV used to go in the Bedroom.  We can now use it to store whatever needs storing!

Below is what needs to be stored… you know, misc. items, like toilet paper, books, your electric frying pan… just normal stuff…




And this is what it looks like with the new doors from Home Depot installed.  I did the installation myself, took me 3 hours, so it would take a normal installer about 1/2 an hour!   They are not a 100% perfect match, however they are far close enough for us!  They are very well made of a nice wood, and ended up costing about $140.00 or so, but worth it.


So check out this picture I took below while inside the Rancho Mirage Home Depot Store.  They were advertising a case of 24 bottles of “1/2 Liter Water” for $4.50.  All seems fine, except we are here in California, and they do not use Prime Minister Trudeau’s metric system of measurements!  Go figure…  why would they advertise in “metric”?   In Canada, we would probably advertise this as a 500 ml. bottle! 


GOOD NEWS TONIGHT…  I received a call from my Dr.’s Office, and they informed me all is well with the ultra sound on my thyroid,  that I travelled up to London, Ontario to have completed.  I do not need to go see the Dr. until August of this year, so all is good!  Phewww….

Till tomorrow…



  1. Your cabinet doors look great. that's quite an eclectic mix you have in that cabinet!! BTW, here in the good old USA there have been efforts to convert to metric since 1972. Lots of politics involved and I don't know the half of it but I wonder if it will ever really happen. It's interesting that you find a lot of items with both ounces and liters listed on the labels.

  2. cabinet doors look excellent...glad to hear the test results are good :)

  3. Isn't this California weather fantastic?? Way better than what they are getting back home in Ontario! Cabinyet doors look us an idea!

  4. Nice job on the Cabinet doors. Sure some nice flying weather, I like that Spitfire Leigh has, nice looking plane. Are you ready for the Leafs and Jets game tonight? Glad to hear your test results turned out good.

  5. Great news on the thyroid exam!!

    The cabinets look great - nice job on the install.

    What's a ML?? I've been trying to figure that out for about 35 years now!!