Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A day at the Living Desert…

Made another visit over to the flying field at Caliente Springs this morning, and Chris was piloting my Super Cub for his first taste of model airplane flying… he didn’t even crash it!  He did a good job, and I told he it was obvious he was spending far too much time playing video games!

We made up a picnic lunch and headed later this morning over to the Living Desert.  We visited this place last winter, but it is one of those you can just keep going back to.  It is full of animals from Africa, and from North America…

As you enter, they have a great model train set operating with all kinds of trains and distractions to amuse you…



Check out the trestle below, it is big!



They even have a mock up of the grand canyon…


Here come all the tourist now…


They also have some great art work on the property.



The horses have the longest necks I have ever seen on one…


Little Gwenny was checking out the puppy dogs in the petting zoo part… they even had little horns!


The zebra’s were OK, but didn’t seem to have many stripes…


Someone gave this guy below a bottle of wine, and he had it open it 2 seconds flat!


They had some nice kitty cats below, but they had dots all over them…


Try to find one of these guys below in the wild… good luck!


They have a new interactive centre open, that Gwenny really liked!  This was a rain stick…


If you think this is a big web below… you should have seen the spider!


Gwenny got to go for a little ride this afternoon…


Below is a nice Mexican Wolf, that was giving us a little growl…


Another excellent day in the desert! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. Love the long necked horses. But look at what a cute spider Gwenny makes.

  2. Those are certainly some "exotic" animals you saw! I would never have guessed. It's been several years since we have been there but we loved it and hope to go back some time. I bet it was fun watching Gwenny enjoy all the sights.

  3. Looks like fun! We always like to go check out animal exhibits.

  4. You guys are sure getting your share of touring in on these great days!

    And, my apologies - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KRISTINA!!!! Somehow, I completely missed that post and I just saw it tonight! I know you had a great day though so that's good!!

  5. We loved the Living Desert. We went lat ein the day and everything was asleep!! It was a great visit nonetheless

    Mike and Dee White

  6. love the animal pics..as gorgeous as they are none can compare to little Gwenny :)

  7. Enjoyed the pictures of your day at the Living Desert. Have never been there ourselves yet. Sure looks like it would be worth the visit. The young guy's, I think are good with those controls from the video gaming. Not sure I could pick it up as fast as Chris. Wishing you and Judy another Great Day with the family.