Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The fleet was grounded…

The desert winds were at it a bit again this morning, as it was simply too windy to risk putting the fleet up in the air… maybe tomorrow…

As it was still a beautiful day, we decided to take a run up to Joshua Tree National Forest, as we had some un-finished business up there!

Check out his picture taken along the Dillon Road, of Mount Gorgonio… it has a nice fresh layer of snow from last night, there would be excellent skiing up at Big Bear for sure!


Before you get to the Joshua Tree turnoff, we headed into Black Rock Canyon, which borders onto Joshua Tree.  Judy had heard there was a good hiking trail there… time to check it 

out!  I found this great view of the same Mount Gorgonio again, but with a Joshua Tree in it!


It was a little brisk, up at about 4,000 feet here, but the sun was shinning, and life was good!


This is the view we found at the top of this trail, which was amazing!  You could see for miles!


Of course these hikes are never finished until you complete the paper work!  It’s the Banker in me…


After we finished the hike, it was time to head into Joshua Tree National Forest… we could tell we were there as soon as the rocks started showing up.


We enjoyed our lunch we had prepared for the day, and then decided to take the hike out to Ryan’s Ranch… Todd Ryan and his brother built this Ranch in 1896 if you can believe it, as they had found a natural spring, and needed water over at Lost Horse Mine.   The mine was 3 1/2 miles away so they piped it over!  This Ranch is huge, and still has many artefacts from the day lying all over the place.


They called it the Golden Brick Ranch, as they used mine tailings when making the bricks along with sand and water… later they found the mine tailings contained Gold!


Back in the 1970’s, some vandals burned down the ranch, so only the walls remain now… too bad!



As we were leaving the Ranch, we found this guy up to no good!


He made it!


Instead of driving all the way back around to DHS, we decided to see if we could take our Jeep and make it through the Berdoo Canyon Road.  This is a road, that leaves the park, and works across the desert, and they down the Berdoo Canyon, leading you to the Dillon Road! 

WARNING:  These next pictures show the professional use of a Jeep Liberty!  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!  Also, do not borrow your Father’s car and take it on this road! 

Below I am scouting out the road at a bit of a ruff spot, this road was about 23 miles from the Park, down to the Dillon Road… you start at 4,400 feet of elevation, and end up at 800 feet.  (We made it!)


It was a bit narrow at times, but it was easier to make this road going down hill believe it or not!


We came across two Hummer Tours!  They take you out for some adventure!  We were making our own.  The Hummer Driver told us not too continue as it was too difficult for our Jeep… ya , right fellow!  Think again, it’s a Jeep!  You wouldn’t understand!


There were a few ruff spots, but overall a great trail to follow.  Jeep did a great job! 


We were back home by 3:30 enjoying the hot tubs!

Congratulations go out tonight to The Honourable David Broad.  Ontario’s latest Superior Court Judge, who was sworn in yesterday!  David is our Daughter Kristina’s Father-in-Law, and yes, that makes him little Gwenny’s Grandfather!  (Gwenny is the little one on the left!)

They put little Gwenny into the Judge’s Chair, but the responsibility seemed a bit overwhelming to her!  I borrowed these pictures from Kristina’s blog.

After the Ceremony, the new Judge got to relax with his Grandaughter… congratulations again David!  Well done!

Till tomorrow…



  1. Very impressive jeep tour. Glad you made it down okay.

  2. Nice to see some great pics of Gwenny again. Congrats to the new Judge!!

    I can't believe you actually took your Jeep down that road - you are a brave one. How much would it cost for a tow truck to haul you out of there anyway??

    Oh yeah! I just remembered you're a daredevil pilot!

  3. Frank Sinatra's mother and Dean Martin's son both died in plane crashes on that mountain. Did you know?

  4. Okay, I'm impressed with your Jeep and your driving skills! Great scenery.

    Gwenny looks so cute in the judge's chair. Perhaps she could run for office in the states!!

  5. Nice trip with the Jeep, thanks for sharing the history of the area. Congratulations to Gwenny's other grandpa. Hope you get some good flying weather this morning.