Saturday, January 14, 2012

One last Day…

Today was the last full day for all the kids here in DHS… it turned out a little cloudy, but it was almost a relief from the sun here for sure!  It can be relentless! 

This morning Chris and I where dispatched into DHS to do some shopping and run some errands, but not before we stopped by to catch all the action at Caliente Springs flying field!  I did not bring the plane, but we stopped and checked in with all they guys that were flying today, it was perfect conditions again for flying.

While we were out and about, Judy, Kristina, and Gwenny took advantage of the pools and spas one last time!

Gwenny was all excited about going swimming again…


This swimming pool is around 90 deg. F. so it is quite nice to swim in…



Judy and Kristina took Gwenny on a tour of the Resort again…


This little furry guy came along to join in on the fun…


Even with clouds, we had a great sunset…


Nothing like a bit of horsing around time after dinner…


Just hanging out with the guys…


All I heard was…  “Don’t be dropping Her Pop Pop!”


Just a great Family day it turned out to be… however, the fun comes to an end, as at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we hit the road for LAX and a late morning return trip on Air Canada back to Toronto!  However we have to watch the Leaf game tonight first!

Till tomorrow…


  1. awww that visit just flew by..and that Gwenny is such a glad you had a great visit. you will sure miss travels tomorrow to you and the little family

  2. cute as a button and adorable too..hey..where have we heard those words?

  3. Great to see a few more pics of Gwenny's smiling face.

    Hope Kristen, Chris and Gwenny have a great flight home. Give Gwenny a big hug from Paulette and I.