Friday, February 3, 2012

All we need now is a lake…

Good old Fed Ex drove up this afternoon, and delivered us 4 boxes, containing our new Sea Eagle Kayaks that Judy ordered!  Seems a little funny having them delivered in the desert, but what the heck.

We have been wanting Kayaks for some time now, but it is always an issue of how to carry them!  Problem solved… Sea Eagle makes inflatable ones!

Here I am, doing the white water inside our motor home!   Why not… had to check it all out!


The Kayaks is capable of holding up to 500 lbs. or 2 people.  We decided to purchase one for each of us, as I would always want to turn left, while Judy would be going right….

Here I am below blowing up the second one outside… it only takes 6 minutes to blow it up using the foot pump. 




Tomorrow we get to try them out for real!




Everything fits into a bag, and you are ready to go!


Made it into Palm Springs tonight for dinner at Palermo’s Pizza along with Greg and Cindy from Vancouver, Washington.  They stay right across the road from us in the Resort, and we met them here last year.


This place had great Pizza, and lots of laughs!


After dinner we walked through the Street Fair in downtown Palm Springs that occurs every Thursday night… had to check out the Fire Maker!



Nice night for walking about!

Tomorrow we are off to Las Angles for the day with the Kayaks, and we also have tickets to go and what them make an episode of Two and a Half Men!  Should be fun!

May not be a blog tomorrow, as we will be home real late!


  1. You'll love your inflatable kayaks! I bought my daughter one last year for her birthday.

  2. Your kayaks look great! This summer I definitely want to go out on Lake Pittock with you to try 'em out!! (I'll leave my pin cushion at home)

  3. I can't wait to read about your first Kayak adventure. Just remember, those things probably can't be glued back together like your airplanes!

  4. congrats on the kayaks..they look would be wonderful to watch a live taping of three and a half men...have a super weekend kayaking...

  5. Hope you remembered to put the plug in yesterday.....note no blog followup on your trial voyage...