Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hope you all enjoyed Valentine’s Day! We did!

The sun was out first thing this morning, which is the signal for another great day in the desert.  I was off to the flying field by 8:00 and Judy was down swimming.  The wind started to come up around 9:30 so that put a bit of an early end to flying.  Not to worry, I had some finishing work to complete on my new Fusion Airplane that I am building.


Just a couple finishing touches left, and the plane is now ready to take flight… yes, I decided to make it a “Proud Canadian Airplane”.  So you ask… “How much did it cost to build a plane light that…  1 sheet of Depron, (White Dense Foam)  $10.00, electric motor, $11.00, speed controller for the motor, $13.00, radio receiver, $11.00, other misc. hardware pieces, glue, supplies etc. $50.00 for a total cost of $95.00.  I am able to hook it up onto the radio transmitter that I already have.  Sure hope it flies!


This afternoon, we headed into Cathedral City, and Rancho Mirage to do a bunch of shopping, and then in celebration of Valentine’s day, Judy chose to have Dinner at the Olive Garden, one of our favourites! 

We arrived at 4:20 to find a line up!  Yikes… not to worry, only 1/2 an hour wait so we enjoyed some refreshments before dinner! 

Till tomorrow…



  1. Just curious. Are there any locally owned restaurants there?

  2. That's a fine looking Canadian airplane! Glad you had a nice Valentine's Day dinner at a favorite spot.

  3. hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Dinner!..love the Olive Garden..glad to hear the wait was not too bad!!

  4. Sure a nice job on the plane, looks great. Glad you and Judy enjoyed your Valentines dinner, hard to beat the Olive Garden one of our favorites also.