Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Desert winds were a blowing today!

Seems to be stormy right across the Continent today, with Ontario having a bit of a winter storm day, as well as high winds here today.

This morning the winds did not stop them from running the Tour de Palm Springs, as Judy and I went down to watch some of the bicycles race by. 

As we walked out of our Resort, we could see them going by, they started going by about 8:00 this morning out here…


This is a very large event, with lots of bikes… apparently they run a 100 mile, and a 50, along with a 25 mile race.


Even some tandem bikes were in the race…


I decided to work on my new airplane this morning for a while. Judy was not interested in helping out, so she jumped in the Jeep and headed into visit the Living Desert again.

She took in the wild life show…



And she got face to face with a pretty big Owl…



She ran into a couple turtles… a bit on the big side!


These guys were monsters.. I didn’t remember seeing them the last time I was out!  Judy said she called them, and they came running…


Every kind of desert plant there is grows out at this place…



Funny thing also, there was very little wind where Judy was at the Living Desert, which is in South Palm Springs, yet I was being blown away out in DHS.  Go figure.

And a big welcome tonight to BJ, our latest blog followers!  Welcome aboard!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Love the Living Desert.

    Mike and Dee

  2. We had a robin in our back yard on Friday before the temperatures dropped and the snow started. We don't normally see them until late March or early April and think of the first robin as a sure sing of spring. Hope the little guy is an indication that winter is not going to really happen in southern Ontario at all this year.

  3. Funny thing about the wind. It was blowing here again in DHS, but we went over to Palm Desert and it was dead quiet.

    I forgot all about the bike race yesterday!