Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back to Bloggerville…

Phew… I am back after a night away… lots of social events happening at this end, and lots of fun.  I did have some computer concerns last night, and had to do a full scan of my computer as it did not seem to be running right.  The scan took a couple hours to complete, and the computer is not really user  friendly during a scan… very slow… so no blog!

Tonight, all seems well, as the scan produced zero infected files, so all is good, and the computer is back running as it did normally!  Too bad it cannot write the blog itself!

So, we will start off out at the flying field, and below is Don, the Gentleman who I have been giving the flight lessons to, along with his Super Cub.  He is doing very well, and is happy with his plane, however, is on his way back to Washington State today, as his winter is over!  To set up the next few pictures, look at he Gentleman in the background of the picture below… that is Hummer Bob!  Last names are omitted to protect the innocent! 


I met Hummer Bob last year here on the flying field, and have gotten to know him.  Him and His Wife, have a Park Model Home in our Resort that takes up 2 sites.  He built a garage on one of the lots, and look what he keeps in the garage!  This first yellow car is a Cobra… very nice…


However, his pride and joy, is pictured below.   It is a 1965 Ford Shelby Daytona Coupe!  What a machine.  This is like one of a handful of these machines on planet Earth.  This Weekend coming, is a very large car show to be held a Mission Creek Country Club in Rancho Mirage, and Bob is entering this car to compete in the show.  I think I will be taking in this show this weekend for sure!


The pics are a little dark, as I only had by smart phone with me.  I spent an hour and 1/2 going through Bob’s garage with him!  What a guy!  Oh, he also has a real nice custom Corvette, and a Special made Ford Mustang that he also bought recently, but cannot keep them here, as there is no room.  Yes, we gave him the name Hummer Bob, as he drives a nice yellow Hummer, and has a nice yellow Hummer Golf Cart to get around the resort on!  (Hmmmmmm…. and I drive a Jeep.)


So while I was out hob knobbing around the Resort, Judy was off hiking at the Living Desert!  She made it out there by 10:30, so she could watch the Giraffes being fed!  As you can tell by the pic below, it is a very popular event at the Living Desert.



Wow… this guy was the Alpha Male, and has a bit of a tongue on him as you can tell…


After the feeding, Judy decided to go on the 6 mile hike, that is located with the property of the Living Desert… I did not even know they really had this much property, and so nice a trail…  Judy thought someone was looking at her while heading out to the trail head, and saw this guy below… a bit camera shy though…


The trail leads off into the distant mountains, so off she went!


She had to hike up this rock canyon…


I am making this storey up as we go along here, but the trail seemed to get a little rough along the way!



Almost looks like Mount Jacinto in the background…


Judy reports a very well maintained trail through some nice hills and mountains…


Looking below, it hit me… we are looking at the wind mills, and Mount Gorgonio!



Judy had lunch with this couple from Oregon, who she met at the picnic shelter along the trail!


Finishing off the trail, she had a nice view of Palm Springs, and one of the many golf courses along the way!


Today we hit a high of 85 Deg. F. (about 32/33 for the Canuks in C.) with no clouds, and a bit of a breeze… looks like this weather is here for the next 10 days anyways!  Yahooo!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Nice hike Judy. Didn't know the Living Desert had that trail. Will have to check it out next time we are down there.

  2. We saw the trail when we were in the Living Desert in December, but had no idea that it was so long and there was such a fantastic view. Thanks


  3. Just to set the record straight - 85F is 29.4C - a nice July temp in Ont and you get to have it most days in Feb! Wish we were there - maybe next year!
    Gerard & Deb

  4. The cars and plane were nice to read about BUT the hike was by far the most beautiful ~ ok maybe cause I am a girl!!! lol lol
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. sure sounds like you each got to do what you wanted!!..a day filled with flying and cars..and a day at the zoo and a hike!!..perfection!!
    minus 1 here this morning..oh to feel the warmth of the sun would be so nice!!

  6. Google has been giving me a problem getting on your site for the last week, Can't sign in and only seeing two pictures. I know it's not here and it's not at your end therefore it's Google.

    It's about time.