Saturday, February 4, 2012

A nice trip to LA LA Land…

When we got home last night at 11:45 p.m. I was not in too much of a mood to blog… it would have come out in jibber jabber if I did!

We had a great trip yesterday, into Los Angeles, starting off by heading to famous “Seal Beach”.    Simply a great spot to try out the new Kayaks.  Judy pulled this location off of the internet for us to go to!

This Beach is located south of Los Angeles, at Long Beach, and this particular beach you see below if my memory is correct is called “Mother’s Beach”… not to confusing is it???


Here I am trying to figure all the parts out!  It was a nice day, about 75 Deg. F. out, with lots of sun!


There we go, boats all blown up and ready to go.  We enjoyed our lunch in the park before heading out.


Judy did a good job of ordering us new life jackets to go with the boats, don’t need anyone going to the bottom!


Finally I hit the water… this water system was all man made by the looks of it, to service the marina and a bunch of nice homes.

The new kayaks are very stable, and are very easy to use.  We were impressed a lot with them.  Less than 10 minutes to prepare the boat for the water.


We paddled under the bridge you see below… we were on the water for about 1 1/2 hours!


Came across this Pelican  out looking for his dinner… they are big!


I grabbed the camera to get Judy’s pic in her new gear and boat…



We got to float by the big boats… lots of nice ones, no recession here!



I was laughing below at the oil well, hidden by the palm trees.


Judy arranged us tickets to attend the taping of Two and a Half Men, which is produced at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank.  We got there about 2 hours ahead of the 7:00 taping time.  Warner Bros. has a great set up for visitor’s.  You have indoor parking, and a staging area to get you ready.  You have to pass through security, (yes, I left my pocket knife in the car!) and then they take you right to Studio 26 where they tape the show.  Of course, no camera’s or cell phones inside, so no pictures. 


It was neat to watch how they makes these sitcoms!  All the rooms are side by side on the set, and they used over 5 big camera’s to catch all the action.  They use the laugh track from the actual audience in this show, so they had someone there to keep us all pumped up to laugh!  Warner Bros. even gave us all a piece of pizza and water during a break in the action!  It took over 2 hours to do the actual taping, as they have to do all the scenes twice, and some three times.  They had a show of hands, and of the approx. 150 people in the audience, about 25% were from outside the U.S.A.   They also played next Monday’s episode of Two and a half Men for us before the taping, but I won’t tell you what happens!  It is a good one!


One thing for sure, Warner Bros. is a big place! 

We enjoyed the day big time!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Hey, you were almost at my daughter's office. She's a shrink to the stars and the wanna be's...

  2. sounds like a fun we will have to be sure to watch the show!!!

  3. what a way cool day!!!! sounds like it was a blast....will have to watch the show...monday