Thursday, February 23, 2012

Indian Canyon…

Judy and I enjoyed a nice hike out to Indian Canyon this morning, along with the hiking group from Caliente Springs.  It was a very, very hot day, but that did not deter us, as we had lots of water, and I found some real fresh stuff!

This trail is located on Indian Reservation Land, hence you have to pay a fee to hike on this property.  They charge $7.00 for a Sr. to hike, however, it was well worth the price.


Trail Head in sight…


The first part of this hike is on open desert, and it soon heated up.


After about 15 minutes of hiking we hit the first of many oasis’… it was nice and cool under the palm trees.


We had to cross this mountain stream about 14 or 15 times to get to the end of the trail…


Lots of neat rock formations as you make you way out this canyon.


Many desert flowers in bloom along the way, as there is lots of water available.


We took many a rest along the trail today… it was warm!


The Palm Trees made for a nice coffee break spot for me.


Yup, we had a bit of climbing to do!   One of the hikers in our group, a Lady, was 84 years young, and did very well.


It is a great canyon to hike, with lots of great views as you see below…


Easy does it below, as Judy makes her way across the stream…


After a bit, the rocks got very slippery as we made our way across… Our 84 year young hiker, slipped on one of the crossings, and cut her leg… we had to apply first aid, however this Lady is very tuff, and made her way back out of the Canyon on her own power!  I felt kind of sorry for her, so as I crossed the same place she did, I slipped on a rock, and fell into the stream!  Augh….. the water was nice and cool… freezing actually!  Nothing hurt but my ego!  At least I found lots of nice fresh water, and ended up with two running boots full of it!


Finally we hit the end of the trail below, and found 3 nice water falls.




You can see the falls below… On this trail, you turned around, and headed back!


Here Judy is doing the balancing act on the way out… it was nice hiking in the oasis’


There is all kinds of different hiking trails on this Reserve, and we only did one!  Have to come back!

In last night’s blog, my good friend Gerard, up in Waterloo, Ontario, corrected me in a comment about my F. to C. conversions of temperatures.  He of course is right to correct me… as I just did a guesstimate at best of the conversion.  Gerard is a numbers guy, and can give you math answers just like a calculator!  It got to about 35 deg. C. here today Gerard, so you tell me the F. temp! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. that was quite the hike!!! I'm impressed..betcha it felt good to slip into the stream...altho it wouldn't be too comfy walking in wet boots afterwards..hope your hiking friend is ok from her 84 yrs old and out hiking..shes amazing

  2. 84 and still going strong. That is wonderful. I would have been the one falling and slipping and refusing to go any further.

  3. Falling accidently is bad enough but doing it deliberately could cause some serious damage.

    35 C = 95 F

    It's about time.

  4. double it and add 30..?..that's what we do here on the west coast!..nice day for a hike!!

  5. See what hiking does for you ~ 84 and spunky... Looked like a great hike and the pictures were GREAT!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. That sure looked like a difficult hike on such a hot day. Great photos although I would have loved to see one of you falling in the water - I'm just sayin!!!