Monday, February 20, 2012

An easy day in the desert…

This morning we had sort of overcast skies, but it was a nice moderate temperature.   I was out the door by 7:30 as there was very little wind which means it was time to fly!

It was a good day to fly my Super Cub, (file picture below), and I spent quite a bit of time this morning with a new member of our group, who just bought a plane, just like mine.  He is elderly and wanted to learn how to fly.  I was able to put the plane up in the air for him, and he managed to fly it around the field.  He was terrified to try and land it so I did that part for him.  He was feeling like a million dollars just because he was able to make a few laps around our field with it on his own, without it falling out of the sky!  He is coming back tomorrow for another lesson, and wants to try and land it!  Here is hoping!

Feb 20

Judy was at the pool, and as she came home, I was doing some quick repairs on my home built plane, and asked her if she wanted to come out and see me test fly the new one with her coffee!  She did.  She got this picture of me flying the new one… just to prove to you all it does fly!  Ya, seems like the UFO’s are back in the picture also, we sure need an new point and shoot!


This afternoon was spent out doing some shopping in Ranch Mirage again… they seem to get a lot of our money out there!

Till tomorrow…


  1. You made that gentleman's day. How neat is that.

  2. how nice..that gentleman will definitely be there tomorrow I'm nice of you to let him fly your plane...I betcha he talked about that all day....

  3. great job on flying your 'home built' plane!!!..glad it made it off the runway and back again!

  4. The gentleman found himself a good instructor. The new plane sure is nice looking to watch fly. Wishing you good flying weather for the coming week.