Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The South Lykken Trail…

The wind was up today, after some actual rain fell last night, and there was quite a bit of fresh snow up in the Mountains…. however the winds still were up most of the day here, so here is what you do!  You go into Palm Springs, as it is hidden my San Jacinto, and there is barely any wind in there at all.  We decided to go out the Indian Canyon Road, and take the South Portion of the Lykken Trail.

Carl Lykken was a Palm Springs Pioneer, and the Town’s first Postmaster!  This trail was called the “Skyline Trail” however it was renamed.   It is a 4.5 mile hike one way out, and provides I think, the best Ariel views of Palm Springs that you can get!. 

If you follow this trail all the way to the end, you are at Tahquitz Canyon.  The best way to do this trail, is to have two cars with you, but we didn’t, so we went 2 1/2 miles out, and then turned around and made our way back to the Jeep.

Here we are at the trail head, heading west up into the Mountains…


Right away you start up the Mountain, and it is a climb of over 800 feet up!


Lots of great rock formations along this one, it was a beautiful day for hiking… needed my shorts though…



It almost looks like I took the pictures from a plane!  Great shot of Palm Springs…


We found lots of these Cactus plants along the way…


Like most Mountain Trails, a lot of work went into the building of this trail, and this one is very well used.


Be careful Judy, you are living on the edge below…


Everywhere you looked the views were great!


What a great hike!


We enjoyed!

Till tomorrow…


  1. What a neat trail. Thanks for the info and the photos! Hope the wind goes away just for you.

  2. yet another great day for a hike..too bad you were stuck wearing pants, though!!

  3. Enjoyed the pictures looked like a nice hike. Should be a good game tonight with the Leafs and Blackhawks. Have a great day!

  4. I always look forward to your picture diary. We also love to hike and when we finally retire I think that area may be a nice winter destination for us as well. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great pics John & Judy.......you two must be in real great shape with all those hikes......


  6. Great pics of your hike along the Lykken Trail. I don't think we've done that one so it was nice to see your photos!