Friday, February 17, 2012

Google and it crazy word verification…

Everyone should take a look a Rick’s blog from today at Rick & Paulette's RV Travels , as he does a great job explaining Google, and it crazy new word verification procedures… you now need to type in two different words, and one of them is next to impossible to read. 

I was blogging along in bliss thinking that I had my word verification process turned off on my blog, but when I went to check today it was not off!  %*^)*(&_*$%^#

After reading a couple comments on the blog from last night readers were having to type in the words… I do not believe in this, and wanted them turned off!  Rick’s blog made the process simple and I HOPE it is now turned off on my blog.   I enjoy reading comments left on the blog, good or bad… although certainly they are always on the good side! 

If you go to leave a comment on my blog, and you have to do this crazy word verification, please let me know! 

Today our weather came back to normal, and I was able to get out to the flying field.  Yes, I had my new home built airplane up in the air!  Three times!  It flies great, until I had a bit of a harder landing on the third try, and required some minor repairs.  I love the way it flies, and it should be lots of fun in the future!

Check out the picture below that I took in the Resort this morning…

I was driving out to the air field at 7:30, and came up behind this guy…  is this the heights of laziness????  Yup, he is walking the dog from the golf cart!  The dog was very good at running beside the golf cart and seemed exactly to know what the drill was… It is a black poodle.


Nice to have a great weather back today!

Till tomorrow…


  1. I sure hope everyone gets rid of that new word verification - drives me nuts!!

  2. I kind of figured you didn't know that your word verification was on but it's definitely off now - good job! Thanks for the kind words!

    It sure was a beautiful day here - just about perfect!

  3. I'd like to thank Rick as well because it definitely was not the single word version shown when I first turned it on.

    About that golf-cart driver probably should have been running with the dog.

    It's about time.

  4. Gotta watch those hard landings. Love the dog walker. That definitely takes the definition of lazy to a higher level unless the person is disabled in some way.

  5. But John you forgot to mention he had no legs........

  6. I thought my word verification was off too, but when I looked after reading Rick's post this morning, by gum it was on! I wonder if it sneaked in when we changed to the new interface a while ago.
    It is possible the chap in the golf cart was handicapped. My wife, who has MS, often walks our dog using her mobility scooter.

  7. OK fine. I was going to say something about hearing the arteries harden of the guy on the golf cart, but yes, maybe he is in fact physically impaired some how.
    At least the dog is getting a good run.

  8. I have always disliked the word verificationa and so happy most everyone has decided to remove them. Have fun!!!
    Travel safe

  9. As a disabled person myself, I would just like to point out that the man walking his dog from the golf cart may have a medical reason for doing so. I enjoy reading your posts!!