Friday, February 24, 2012

Whoa… what a feeling!

In my books, this is one of the best winters weather wise I have ever spent anywhere!  Today, once again, lots of sun and temps in the high 80’s… Anyone who has come out to the West Coast this year, has got their money’s worth for sure!

People were lined up to get in the pools this afternoon, by far the busiest I have seen the pools in our Resort… snapped the pic below with my smart phone as Judy and I were down checking our mail box…  Made it out flying this morning, and conditions were second to none and warm! 


All of the guys out flying today were commenting on how great the weather has been here for flying… you can just go out almost any day and fly your brains out!  We got organized enough to take our group shot yesterday, and about 1/2 of our regular guys are not in the picture, so you can see how big we have grown this year!  Lots of new flyers!


Not a whole lot got accomplished by myself today, other than some work on my planes, and sitting and enjoying the great weather!  This evening we went out with our neighbours Greg and Cindy for dinner in Palm Springs…

Till tomorrow…


  1. What a great group shot of the flying club!

  2. It's the same here at the Sands - the best winter weather ever. It's been pretty amazing. Not much to do on day's like this except sit back and enjoy it.

  3. We have had a very mild winter here to in Florida... however we do have some wicked humidity...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. Sounds great! We had snow this morning but sunshine now. No where near 80 degrees though. Enjoy!