Monday, February 13, 2012

Another windy day in the desert…

Lots of wind, all last night, and most of the day today.  At least the temps were still very warm!  Judy was down in the pool this morning, while I stayed home and worked a couple hours on my plane.  It is coming well, and soon will be ready for it’s maiden flight!  Pics to follow soon.

This afternoon, after a quick trip into Ranch Mirage for supplies, we headed down to the front Office, where we went on a tour of Alaska!  Holland America were promoting their Alaska Tours, and put on  a presentation aboard one of their tour buses. 


The bus accommodates only 44 people, and it was full for the presentation.  Judy and I have talked for a long time now about going up and checking out Alaska.  This Company has been doing these tours for a very long time, and seem to have it down pat!  You can also tour part of the Yukon on this tour if you want, and pan for gold.  Yes, you get to keep any gold you pan out of the river! 

We picked up lots of good information, and this was certainly a different way to promote tours!  Maybe the free ice cream bars helped!

Just relaxing the rest of today, hopefully the wind is gone tomorrow…

Till tomorrow…


  1. My husband and I have done 2 cruisetours with Holland America to Alaska. Both were fabulous. We started the first time in Fairbanks and ended in Vancouver. The second time we took a cruisetour from Vancouver to Anchorage (through the Yukon) and then added a 7 day cruise from Seward back to Vancouver. In Seward don't miss the side trip on a smaller boat that takes you up close to a glacier and lets you see lots of wildlife. We have sailed with other cruise lines but prefer Holland America's ships and the fact that they don't have the "gimmicks" that a lot of the bigger ships have that we aren't interested in. If you can do one of these, I highly recommend it !

  2. It's a great cruise. Should it fit in to your travel plans, it would be most memorable.

  3. It's tomorrow, and the wind appears to be gone! Yahoo!!

    I think the only way we'll ever get to Alaska is on a cruise ship.

  4. Karen and I went to Alaska a couple of summers ago with Holland America. Really enjoyed the cruise and will do it again. We departed and returned through Seattle. You can look back in our blog if you want to read about our trip.