Sunday, February 19, 2012

OOOOppppssss…. I might have got too carried away….

A couple of days ago I posted a picture of someone in our Resort who was walking/running a dog from a golf cart… I thought at the time when I saw it that it appeared hummerous to me.  I did make a comment about this maybe being the heights of laziness, by walking your dog from a golf cart.  Many comments I received indicated that the person doing so might have been disabled.  This might have been the case.  At the time, I did not even think about this possibility, and will have to eat a few of my words… bloggers do live on the edge of the knife at times!  (or, I could have mentioned something about falling into the dreaded bear pit…) My intent on posting the picture was of humour, and nothing else, and did not intend to offend anyone. 

Not much going on here today, just enjoyed a lovely Sunday in the desert.  Did not fly, as there was too much wind to take the risk of putting the fleet in the air.  Did a bunch of required maintenance to our holding tanks this afternoon, fun ehhh!, while Judy was off doing groceries, and laundry! 

Hey, not everyday can be filled with excitement and fantastic pictures,

Till tomorrow…


  1. No offence taken. Surely people are not so thin skinned that they must complain about your blog.

    Hope you can fly tomorrow.

  2. Definitely no offense. I knew you were posting from the humorous point of view. Maybe tomorrow will be a fly day for you. Gotta get you away from those "dirty" maintenance jobs.

  3. It's about time you got yourself into some hot water (other than those nice hot springs)!!

    I've see lots of folks walking their dogs using golf carts too and then I've seen those same folks out golfing!

    So, maybe there are a few disabled folks doing this but there are also a few 'less energetic' ones doing it too!!

    Bring on the Bear Pit!!

  4. I've gotten myself in trouble too. I guess it's just part of blogging.

  5. Sorry you got in trouble ~ we've all been there!!! Sometimes we are so anxious to post we don't think! So let the bloggin continue!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. I think most of us have been in the Bear Pit at one time or another. I didn't see anything wrong with your photo or comment to warrant you a trip to the Bear Pit though.

  7. thats something we are all guilty of sooner or later..I've eaten some of my words in the past...personally I didn't find it offensive :)

  8. no offense taken here either...some days we are quick to judge and then if you step back and take another realize it could be taken either way..cheers to the 'bear pit'..

  9. Hot water? I thought it was good for cleansing!

    Like Rick, I've seen many able bodied folks walking their dogs while riding in golf carts.

    What irks me though are the high number of the very able bodied who use powered shopping carts in large grocery outlets....and even more offensive, able bodied folks who park in disabled spots. I witness this far too often.

    Bring on the grumblers!

  10. No Offence either.....I thought it was funny......also a dangerous practice for the dog, the driver and anyone else who may be out and about.

  11. No problem, John. Those of us who know you well, know that you are always more likely to see the humorous side of an event rather than the serious or heavy side.
    Happy flying tomorrow!

    Gerard & Deb